What is www.viber.com/dl link?

www.viber.com/dl is a download link for the Viber application. Most people find it in an invitation SMS (text message) sent by their friends.

Hey, you should get Viber. It's a free iPhone app that I use to make free phone calls – http://www.viber.com/dl

If you click on it with your iPhone (OK, tap on it), it will start the “App Store” application with the Viber page already opened. This represents a kind of a platform where you can see info, reviews, screen shots and from here you can install Viber as well.
When it comes to Android devices, the result is basically the same, only with one obvious difference – it points to the “Android Market”, of course.
If you choose to open that link in your browser, this will lead you to the Viber’s homepage.
Interestingly, if you open that link with a Blackberry or any other mobile device, it will open a page saying that “Viber is NOT compatible with your device yet”.

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  • Veryhappygirl2000

    viber application was installed (but not highlighted) but never asked for my telephone number. I never got the icon too. How do I reinstall the application – tapping wont allow me.

    • http://www.viber.com Viber

      We’re not sure we fully understand your question…. You installed the application, and then got the “enter your phone number” screen. Did you type in your number then?

  • Nightmist010

    Viper was installed but never asked for my phone number, never gave me a access code and the viper icon never showed up on my phone home page, in my settings on my phone or on iTunes What now?

    • http://www.viber.com Viber

      Please try removing Viber, wait 24 hours, reinstall and try again (make sure you try both the SMS and the automated call options). If this doesn’t help, contact our support team at http://support.viber.com and give them the details of the problem.

  • Marthaleebyrd

    can i travel international with viber..american phone in Australia

    • http://www.viber.com Viber

      Viber can be used between any 2 Viber users, no matter where they are in the world :)

  • irene concepcion

    my sister n law in japan, installed a viber on her android and im using a viber too but we can’t contact each other. what we gonna do? pls help us…

    • http://www.viber.com Viber

      What happens exactly when you try calling each other using Viber? Please try to be more specific about the problem so we could assist you :)

  • corie

    This Message are come from your Company Viber???
    the content of this messages was so Doubtful.,

    ♦Message from CEO of Viber,we have had an over usage of
    User names on viber.We are requesting all users to forward this
    message to their entire contact list. If you do not forward this message, we will take it as your account is invalid and it will
    be deleted within the next 48 hours. Please DO NOT ignore
    this message or viber will no longer recognise your activation.If you wish to re-activate your account after it has been deleted,
    a charge of 25.00 will be added to your monthlu bill. Thank you for
    your cooperation from the viber team viber is going to cost us money soon. The only way that it will stay free is if you are a frequent user i.e you have at least 10 people you are chatting with. To become a
    frequent user.
    send this message to 10 people who receive it ( 2 ticks ) and your
    viber logo will change color.

    send this to 8 people to activate the new viber. ✓✓

    my Question if this is came from your Viber Appli
    # Doubtful #
    – at least 10 people you are chatting
    – send this to 8 people to activate the new viber
    – Please DO NOT ignore this message
    why we need to send this individually., ???? very very Strange.., ????

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber

      Thank you for reaching out to us. Please rest assured that this message is a spam message and we are taking care of it. Viber will remain a free application and Viber-to-Viber calls and messages are and will remain free.

  • Mehdi

    i have sony ericsson S500i and it just supports java. how to install viber on it? :( i have no money to buy android mobiles. :( thank you

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber

      Hello Mehdi,

      Viber is not supported on your Sony Ericsson S500i. You can find a full list of supported platforms and devices here: http://bit.ly/1ltKrOa

  • Feruza

    Hello. İ am using viber on my iPhone 4s during 1,5 years. Viber version is 4.1.1. But now something happened, I can’t understand what’s going on :( I can get only incoming calls. I can’t make any calls and can’t send messages, also I get message voise but they don’t open in my viber. I deleted my viber and reinstall it. But it didn’t help. Now my viber cant to make cynchronization of my contacts. So I can’t make viber calls as viber says I don’t have Internet connection if even i have it. I use wi-fi. Also it says that the other contact doesn’t have a viber if I try to send him message. I don’t know what to do.

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber


      You can find possible solutions to your contact sync issue here: http://bit.ly/1eDOiRf

      Please open a support ticket here: http://bit.ly/1aOwGy2 for assitance.

      Please include the following:
      – Are you able to place Viber calls over a 3G network?

      – Does this happen with all users? Does it occur with specific contacts?

      • Feruza

        It doesn’t matter if I use 3G or wi-fi, it doesn’t work. No, it doesn’t happen with other users, only my viber like that. When i get message, it says ” U need to upgrade your viber to open message” . I couldn’t upgrade it because, I have to have at less IOS 6.0 for it. My IOS 5.1.1. Does viber version 4.1.1 not work anymore?

        • http://www.viber.com/ Viber

          For assistance, you will need to open a support ticket here: http://bit.ly/1aOwGy2 and include the information that you provided above.

          • Feruza

            I opened support ticket and sent information already. I got answer : ” Viber is not supported on either your platform or operating system” . But I can’t understand why all 1,5 years it was supported and now suddenly it can’t ?

          • http://www.viber.com/ Viber

            Please reply to the support agent that has been assisting you. He or she will be able to provide you with more information.

  • rohan

    Hi i hav viber on a smart phone and now tried to install it on my tab with same number it got disactivated on my phone. I tried to install it with another mob num it says install viber on your phone?.. Wat to do

  • sanaz

    Hi , I have problem in my country since yesterday , when viber send a message in farsi about downloading new update of viber, people saying that is junk or harmful, is it true ? Does it strange that we get messages from viber?

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber


      This message was sent by Viber. It is not spam, and the download link will update you with a more secure version of Viber.

  • homa

    hi,i m homa.last month i sent 30 messages to 30 people one by one and after that my viber got hang.and after registering again,it says my number is invalid number.am i blocked?!! what should i do?thanks.