Viber stickers, emoticons and locations

Stickers dissapeared?

Yes, there seems to be a problem with default sticker set in Viber 5.2. Lot of users allready reported that.
There are still no official explanation what is going on. We hope it will come soon.

With the 2.3 version of Viber, you can send not only text, but stickers, emoticons and locations, also. Stickers and emoticons are a great way to show someone your current fellings or make them laugh. After entering in the conversation, just tap on massage menu (‘+’ sign). The menu in the middle allows you to share your current location and photos. Photos can be added from your gallery or you can take it with your phone camera and send it right away!

viber middle menu

If you want to share a Sticker, just slide to the right (left menu). Scroll down and you’ll find stickers. Use them to make a statement! :)  Usefull thing to know is that deleting Stickers is unavailable in Viber for Desktop version for now, but Viber development team is working on enabling this feature. There is also an option to hide certain Sticker Packages on Android devices only. It will be available for iPhones soon.

If you have some brilliant idea for your own Sticker design then  all you need to do is send your portfolio and contact information to because Viber sometimes offers freelance positions for Sticker designs and perhaps yours Stickers end up as a new hit in Sticker store :D

If you want to share an Emoticon, slide to the left (right menu). Scroll down and you’ll find pretty cool emoticons! Make your conversations funnier!

Awesome feature, which Viber kept very simple to use, is sending location: if you want to share your current location, just enable it by taping the arrow in the text box. If enabled, your current location will be attached to every outgoing massage.

location - on-off 2

Another cool feature is sending custom location. For example: if you want to meet your friend or colleague on custom location, use the middle menu button:

2.3_android_custom_location 2

Now, to send a custom location, slide the location pin to the place you wish to send and hit ‘Send’.



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  • LL

    Hello, is there any way to turn off the emoticons automatically replacing my text? e.g. show :) instead of the yellow smiley face
    I really dislike the design of the emoticons (sorry! :( ) and can’t stand using any smileys now (first world problem, I know… :P )
    Thanks very much

    • Viber


      Unfortunately this option is not yet available.

      we invite you to enter our Feature Request page and post your suggestion there, or join an existing similar suggestion. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to integrate every suggested feature into Viber, but the more people join on a request, the faster it will become reality :)
      You can find it here:

      • zolco

        remove Merry Christmas, happy 2014? pack? that is the question!
        Deactivate Viber and run to app Store and reinstall – no more Merry Xmas for 11 month…hehehe

      • Fox Lee

        Where exactly is the link to request a feature these days? I’d very much like to +1 this request, as I think all graphical smilies are atrocious eyesores, but that link seems to lead to your generic support page.

  • yasin

    In my note 3, when i am sending emoticons via the sym button below keyboard, it shows up a lot of emoticons with categories. When i tried to click one emoticons and send it, it appears that the emoticons is not sent. what do you thinkis the problem? Please reply.

    • Viber


      Did you make sure that both sides have the latest version of Viber installed?
      Does the destination contact have a device that supports emoticons on Viber?

  • Vilibalt

    Is it possible to add personal stickers to the list?

    • Viber

      Unfortunately not.
      However, we are hard at work to bring our users more and more Stickers with each new version. We hope that you will enjoy it ;)

  • Erica

    Hello! I’ve installed Viber last version on my Android! It works really fine and I like the new stickers very much, BUT… how do I do to delet those that I have downloaded but I don’t want any more? Thank you!!

    • Viber


      At the moment it is not possible to delete downloaded stickers. We are considering to add this feature in the future.

      Meanwhile, we invite you to enter our Feature Request page and post your
      suggestion there, or join an existing similar suggestion. Unfortunately
      it is not possible for us to integrate every suggested feature into
      Viber, but the more people join on a request, the faster it will become
      reality :)
      You can find it here:

      • Osama

        So do i have to uninstall viber and reinstall it back to find those stickers removed????

        • Viber

          Unfortunately yes, that is the only way currently.

          Note that if you’d like those removed stickers back in the future, you won’t have to pay for them again to download them from Sticket Market.

          • Anker

            I’m sorry, but that is such bad interface design. I now have a bunch of stickers that I’ll never use cluttering up my app (making it a time consuming task to find the stickers I want), just because I wanted to try out this new feature.

          • Viber

            The option to remove purchased stickers from your sticker folder will be available in future versions.

            We understand your feedback, and we apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

  • Paul Taylor

    I’ve installed the latest version on my Android phone and tablet, which is fantastic, but suddenly in the last few hours stickers from my fiancée, an Iphone user, are coming through as unrecognized formats to both devices! We both installed the new version yesterday, they worked until about 2 hours ago. Help!

    • Viber

      Hi Paul,

      That was a temporary glitch in our servers, that should have been resolved by now.

      Please try rebooting Viber (on both contacts’ phones), then try again. Does it work now?

      • Paul Taylor

        Yes thanks, it started working a few hours later :)

  • Holly Ham

    I’ve installed the latest version on my iPhone 5. My audio messages won’t play. I get a message that says, “Unable to play. Audio can’t be played at the moment. Please make sure no other audio is being played.” There is no other audio being played. What do I do?

    • Viber

      Thank you for the report of the problem.

      we would appreciate if you could take a minute and report the details to our support team using this direct link:

      When you submit the ticket, in the line called: “Through which channel did you submit your initial inquiry”, please make sure to choose “Technical Forum”. With this information, our development team will hopefully be able to find the source of the problem, and ultimately resolve it.

      Thanks in advance :)

      • Holly Ham

        I figured out the problem. It was due to the filter blocker in my building. If I take the setting off wi-fi, it works. Thank you for your time!

        • Viber

          We’re glad to hear that Viber works once more for you.

          Enjoy :)

  • SHR

    Hello! I’ve installed Viber last version on my IPHONE It works really fine and I like the new stickers very much, BUT… how do I delet those that I have downloaded but I don’t want any more? Thank you!!

    • Viber


      Thanks for the kind words. We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying our new version!

      Unfortunately there is currently no way to delete downloaded stickers from the sticker repository. We plan to add this option in future versions of Viber.

      • Tsa

        hopefully the delete function for downloaded stickers would be out very soon..

        • Viber

          This is our hope.

          • Slava UA

            No update about deleting stickers since that time?

  • mike

    Hi. how can i remove a picture of a contact. By going into edit, photo then delete photo; the photo is removed from the contact page until pressing ‘done’. At this stage the original photo returns.

    • Viber

      Currently, the photo that the contact set (for themselves) is always the photo that will appear (it gets ‘prioritized’).

      If you’d like this behavior to change, then we invite you to enter our Feature Request page and post your suggestion
      there, or join an existing similar suggestion. Unfortunately it is not
      possible for us to integrate every suggested feature into Viber, but the
      more people join on a request, the faster it will become reality :)
      You can find it here:

  • anita0

    hi,I have Viber on iPhone 5, it`s really great app and i really enjoy it, but recently updated the version 4.0, and suddenly most of my contact profile pictures disappeared ,what should i do?

    • Viber

      Please try rebooting Viber, and connect through a few different WiFi networks. Does the problem persist?

  • Sale

    Hi, I have a problem downoading stickers on my HTC desire X (works on Android). I have just a message “Download failed”, but phone is continuously trying to download free stickers. So I can neither download free sticker nor stop the phone trying to download stickers! Please help!

    • Viber

      Thank you for the report of the problem.

      we would appreciate if
      you could take a minute and report the details to our support team using
      this direct link:

      you submit the ticket, in the line called: “Through which channel did
      you submit your initial inquiry”, please make sure to choose “Technical

      Thanks in advance!

      • Radoubleju

        I have the same problem! :( pls help

        • Stickr


      • hno

        Same here, after every reboot, I get the downloading of stickers error message

  • shourov

    i am using viber in pc bt i cant get all stiker……… what should i do?

    • Viber


      Please elaborate on the problem… what exactly happens when you try to use Stickers? Are you getting any error message?

      Note that more Stickers can be purchased through our Sticker Market.

  • Josan

    I’ve used Viber for years and I liked how they integrated stickers but how exactly do you uninstall stickers?

    • Viber

      At the moment it is unfortunately not possible. You can uninstall Viber, and when you reinstall, Stickers will be gone from your Sticker folder (but this will unfortunately result in message history deletion).

      In the future we plan to add a feature that lets you remove Stickers from your folder.

      • Amtul

        Plz add any feature which allow us to remove stickers from viber .

        • Viber


          As we explained, we plan it for future updates.
          We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

          • Sa

            Nice work! Bravo!
            Well first of all you SHOULD warn people about stickers that once downloaded they are non removable!
            Sorry but it SUCKS!

  • Nicole

    If I purchase sticker do I pay every time I use it or once it is purchased I can send as much as I want free?

    • Viber

      Once you’ve purchased it, it’s yours to use whenever you want, with no extra charge :)

  • Daisy

    Hi, please, how do i delete a downlooaded sticker which i no longer desire to use? Thanks.

    • Viber

      Unfortunately this feature is not available yet.

      We plan to add it in future versions. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

      • Shally

        this is really annoying please find a way to uninstall stickers that we are not wishing to use anymore.

      • MG

        Its been two months this post now please add this feature to delete the stickers.

  • Sasha


    Why is shy emoticon on Viber desktop different from the one on android app?

    • Viber

      We’ll look into it, thank you.

  • Ronald

    Hello how do I create my own stickers I want to share?

    • Viber

      This option is not yet possible.
      We are considering to add this service in the future, and when we have news we’ll let our users know.

      • MG

        Hi I am from India, please make few sticker that have a real Indian feel. Something really “Indianized”. Thanks.

  • dave

    Android – I don’t want “Viber sent you a new sticker” How do I disable it?

    • Viber

      This was a one-time gesture from our company to our users, wishing a Happy New Year.

      We apologize if this has
      offended you, this was not our intention. Thank you for your feedback

      • Paul

        I have gotten one over twenty time today alone. How can I block stickers from all senders? I want text and pictures, not stickers….

      • jb82

        That’s really not an answer. Clearly people want to be able to opt out of notifications from Viber, including stickers. It’s not about “offending.” It’s a feature request. I’m uninstalling.

      • Bobby

        It is about being annoyed, not being offended. It is not a “one time thing”… gotten dozens… what is the deal? Give us a button to say “Click here to opt out of Stickers” PLEASE, or lose another.

  • Nigel

    if you send me another pointless ‘sticker’ I’ll delete the app and go back to What’s App! We are not all aged 6 yrs old you know!

  • Noel Shortall

    what does the moa icon mean?

  • Guest

    How can I BLOCK STICKERS from coming to me completely.

  • YH

    The new updates is causing the app to lag. When will this be fixed?

  • sara

    How can a delete a pack of stickers

  • Nadine

    How do I delete a pack of stickers???

  • Pradeep george

    Need option to delete the downloaded stickers.
    Also need change in UI where the list of chats are shown in chat page.
    Small chat list is enough.

  • Quan

    Hi, I know the function to delete installed Sticker will launch in the future. But we are here really NEED it available soon. Thank you.

  • Alex

    Please add options for deleting old stickers!

    • MG

      I even I want to delete few stickers that I have downloaded, now i dont like them and dont want them.

  • dean

    i had to uninstall and then reinstall viber, i have lost my purchased stickers and cannot redownload, it shows i have purchased them but they are not appearing and i cant re download?

  • dean

    need help getting back stickers which i purchased but had to uninstall and reinstall viber and the purchased stickers disappeared.

  • peter

    If I buy a sticker pack through Google Play and then buy an iPhone and move my phone # and Viber account over, do I get to keep my paid sticker pack?

  • Elin

    Please make it possible to delete smiles and stickers. I just want to send normal text messages and send pictures. /Elin

  • Guest

    Option to DELETE stickers would have been a useful option by now.
    NOT adding a to-be-paid for sticker as a “suggestion” (??) to the stickers bar would be a better look yeah…..That’s push selling?

  • mary

    There are no stickers shown in left menu…..

  • jmo

    Could you please advise when the function to delete sticker packs will be introduced? It has been mentioned many times below but hasn’t been done! An estimated timeframe would be appreciated.

  • Paul Seligman

    Why do you send me stickers? i don’t want any false notifications, I don’t have time for any spam. I only want messages from people who know me. How do I stop inane and inappropriate stickers from Vibes?

    • sean

      Me too quit spamming me with stickers !!!!

  • Davies

    Why does viber keep sending me stickers? I do not want to receive messages from the company I only want to receive e messages from people I know. Earlier you said this was a one time thing for new years but you are lying as i a have got it again for St patricks day and another one to say for no reason.

  • Jeff

    I do not want stickers, and I do not want notifications from Viber about stickers. I just want to talk and text with my contacts.

    “Most likely your question has already been asked and answered.”
    What I see is other people asking about the same thing, but it has not been answered, which makes me think I may need to remove Viber from my phone and switch to Voxer or WhatsApp.
    Viber? Any comment? How do we disable the annoying sticker thing, or at least turn off the Viber sticker sell notifications?

  • andy c

    i keep getting sent request to purchase st.patricks day stickers, i dont want them and st.pats day was a month ago. how do i stop this

    • Viber

      Hi Andy,

      We would like to assist you, but will need more information.

      Please open a support ticket here: and be sure to include a screenshot of this message.


  • Nicole

    Got a notification from Viber today with a sticker. Don’t want to receive this from Viber. It seems this can’t be disabled. If this is the case and I get one more notification with a sticker, I’ll uninstall Viber.

  • Giorgos Kyriazidhs

    how can i create custom stickers or emoticons ?

    • Viber


      There is no feature that allows you to create custom stickers or emoticons.

      • FoTo50

        This is a pity. The possible selection keeps a lot opened and it always would be cool to have some very individual sticker ;) This feature is from my side very much requested please :)

  • zeljko

    stop allready with stickers spam!!!

  • nunx

    Viber is great but the stickers are poorly designed and not useful. And very annoying. Viber can do better than this, surely. Please stop sending me any updates! Thank you.

  • Anony mouse

    I’m never going to buy stickers, and if you keep sending me notifications about stickers I’m just going to uninstall Viber. Why would Viber want to lose me as a user?

    • chrisdc

      it is a free app!
      I agree – they should add an option to buy vibe without notifications but it is a business and push marketing on free apps is how they make money otherwise they can’t develop the service

  • Benjamin

    Look, guys. Viber has been good as a text message alternative. The thing is, my default messenger doesn’t make me think I’m being contacted by loved ones only to be some spam from the one number I can’t block asking me to buy stickers that don’t actually exist. Stop doing this. There’s a reason I’m on the do-not-call list for telemarketers, and it’s because nobody enjoys being harassed by strangers asking for money through channels they expect to hear from friends through. I’ve made use of your app in the past, but there is no reason not to uninstall it if it becomes an annoyance more than a helpful tool. Probably nobody reads this, but you’ve been warned: one more unsolicited message / engineered disappointment, and you’re gone.

    • Viber

      Hi Benjamin,

      We are sorry to hear that you are receiving spam from other Viber users. Please open a support ticket at this link: and include screenshots of the messages that you have received. Be sure that the phone numbers are visible in the screenshots.

  • Z

    Uninstalled until they have an option to disable stickers

    • Viber


      This feature is available on Android devices. For more information, please read here:

      This feature is in development for iPhone and will be available in the future.

  • Cat55

    Hi, I tried to download a free sticker but it came up with ‘Download failed, please try again’. My phone has been continuously trying to keep downloading it for days. How can I get it to stop?

    • Viber

      Hey there,

      We would like to look at this situation more in-depth. Please open a support ticket here:

      Be sure to include the following information:
      – Are you trying to download via 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi?
      – Have you tried switching to a different type of internet connection
      – The Sticker Package that you are trying to download
      – Are you able to download other Sticker Packages?

      • lester

        Same my problem continuously to stop or cancel that

        • Viber

          I see that you have your Wi-Fi turned off. Please try downloading via Wi-Fi to see if that helps.

          If you are still experiencing issues downloading Sticker Packages, please contact our support team here:

          • Ras

            I am experiencing the same problem in downloading the #Hashtag Sticker Package
            with both Wi-Fi and 3G connections.

            Viceversa, I am able to download other Sticker Packages.

          • Viber

            Hi Ras,

            We have no known issues with that specific Sticker Package, but we can investigate if you open a support ticket at this link:

      • lester

        continuously downloading but always failed

  • dr.meraj

    Hi , i have the viber on pc and it has the option to video call but it doesn’t work , and please put it on the android version too

    • Viber

      In order to place a video call, both users must be using Viber for Desktop.

      Video calling is under research and development for mobile devices and will be available in the future.

  • Sory M-Lou

    Hi,I use Viber on desktop, Up to now I had no problem with emoticons and stickers,but today when I opened emoticons to send there was just a sentence instead of icons:”waiting for emoticons to download”
    although I have them on my application data’s folder as a picture but they don’t load or download in Viber app on desktop when I’m trying to send. They are OK on my other devices like IOS and Android. what should I do?

    • Viber


      We will need to investigate this more in-depth. We ask that you contact our support team and send them this screenshot. You can open a support ticket here:

      Please include:
      – The fact that this only occurs on your desktop, but that emoticons work fine on your other devices
      – If you are also experiencing an issue downloading the Sticker Market


    • chrisdc

      try deleting and reloading – it fixes issues like this and is fast to do

    • Nicolas

      Try this: shut down the app, navigate to C:UsersAppDataRoamingViberPCdata (where you replace with your Windows user name) and delete the emoticons folder. Restart Viber and if you’re lucky like me, your emoticons will redownload.

  • Mariana Pauta

    Hi, i have a S5 and sometimes for the last 2 weeks i´m texting someone and suddenly it sends alone “bye” sticker, and it happend with a few contacts (always same sticker), can you please tell me if there´s some issue with it? thanks

    • Viber

      Hi Mariana,

      Please check that you have the latest version of Viber (4.3.3) installed on your phone. If not, you can download it here:

      If that does not help, you can contact our support team at this link: and include the following information:

      – Does this happen with specific users? Does it happen with all users?
      – The fact that the sticker is always the same. Please include a screenshot of a conversation in which this occurred.

  • chrisdc

    Hi – first – great product!!! better than line, whatsapp and the others… the stickers are awesome but a few suggested features. First, as a free tool – I have no problem with you push marketing – that’s the cost of FREE. For your business, I’d keep it! Not that I will buy it – but those that complain about it ought to look at what they paid for!! Maybe add a paid app that gets rid of push marketing – that may solve the issues!!! Second, deleting sticker sets – really needed. You have a GREAT set of stickers on the computer…. awesome actually – but scanning for them is HARD because of the quantity. Third, maybe a most recently used set of stickers would be a good feature…i know some apps have this. And finally, maybe an ability to create your own sticker set from the stickers you have accessible to you. This could be free or also part of a paid app – would be a good option. You have a great product- – don’t let the haters get to you!!!!

    • Viber

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks so much for your kind words! We’re really excited to hear that you like Viber!

      We appreciate your feedback and suggestions! We are planning to integrate a re-order and remove feature for Viber for Desktop that will be available in future updates.

      We are not planning to add a create-your-own sticker any time in the near future, but we’ll keep your suggestion in mind for the future.

      • VinOth_VingO

        Hello everyone,
        Yesterday i downloaded viber for my desktop. What i facing the problem is , sticker download continuously update when i open viber. i don’t want to update sticker.
        so, How to stop that kind of sticker download.
        Its already 400 Mb updated. Its still trying update more.
        How to stop that?

  • Saskia

    Hey there,
    I just downloaded Viber on my Galaxy S3 – first impression: sweet!
    I’ve got just one little problem; I can’t seem to find the list of emoticons. No matter in which direction I swipe, there’s nothing. What can I do?

    • Viber


      Thanks, we’re glad you like it!

      To access the emoticons, please do the following:
      1. Enter the conversation in which you would like to send emoticons
      2. Select the Sticker icon (It is the icon that is an image of a teddy bear’s face and is located in the bottom left corner of the screen)
      3. Choose the smiley face at the bottom left

      You will now see the list of emoticons in Viber.

  • angan

    I’m here to support the suggestions of a favorites stickers tab. I love using them but the amount is getting huge and trying to find what you want through all the galleries is becoming a tedious task. I’d prefer to have a sticker tab e.g. called “Favorites” where i could add my favorite ones from the existing ones for faster and easier access.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for a great product.

    • Viber

      Hi there,

      Thanks for the suggestion!

      We are working on streamlining the search process for your Sticker Packages, so in the future it will be easier to find the sticker that you are searching for.

  • Katya

    My menu and stickers don’t open after downloading a new bunch of stickers. The bear icon just open and closes it’s mouth.

    • Viber

      Hi Katya,

      We would like to get more information from you about this. Please open a support ticket here: and a support agent will be in touch with you.

      If possible, please include screenshots of this situation.

  • Sarah Ng

    Hi, we have some cute cartoon characters and want to make them in stickers launch on your market. Could you interest in it?If you need more information. please feel free to contact me:

    • Viber

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for your interest!

      You can send your samples and portfolio to our support team here: and they will pass your information along to our creative team.

  • cap

    Hello. I have installed two desktop Viber apps on Linux on two different PCs. At the first PC I have lots of stickers, but there is no tabs with additional stickers on the second PC. How I can add more stickers here? I have pressed “update” button many times but it has no effect.

    • Viber

      Please send that screenshot to our support team by opening a support ticket at this link: and they will look into it with you.

    • noone

      you are lucky. I WISH I had no stickers in my app because they are very fucking frustrating

  • Ray

    Hello Viber,
    How can I remove stickers from my PC app. I easily manage my Android app and easily delete extra stickers but I can not do the same thing on my PC. There are many stickers which I never get to use.

    • Viber

      Hi Ray,

      There is no option to remove Sticker Packages from Viber for Desktop. We appreciate your feedback and will look into the possibility of adding this feature in the future.

      • Ali

        This is not good..I have tons of stickers unused! I lose every time the moment for sending sticker while IM TRYING TO FIND RIGHT STICKER!

    • Ali

      You have to find the profile which made by ViberPC in your computer (I think in windows it would be in your C:/Users/YourUser/Application Data/ViberPC and in MAC it would be in Library folder/Application Support
      After you find it you have to set permission READ only on every folder in the ViberPC/Stickers/
      In this way Viber cant sync itself consequently your stickers wouldnt get updated so you can delete the extras then you have only those you want.

  • Jaime A. Castillo

    Hi! great app! the thins is I just dont use stickers… is there a way to just delete them forever from my galaxy tab, desktop and cellphone?

    • Viber

      Hi Jaime,

      We’re happy to hear that you like Viber!

      There is no way to delete Sticker Packages from Viber for Desktop. Depending on the tablet and phone that you are using, you might be able to hide the packages that you do not want. You can find more information here: by selecting the device that you are using.

  • Viber user

    Hello Viber,
    I tried to download a package but I don’t have space so how do I get it to stop downloading?

    • Viber


      We’re not sure if you are referring to downloading a Sticker Package or Viber. Please contact our support team here: for further assistance with you download issue.

  • Shivara

    Hello Viber,
    Is there a way (or maybe will it be implemented in an upcoming version) to save favourites stickers in a separated tab ? Since many different stickers have been added, it’s sometimes quite hard to find one specific we’re looking for or just simply select those we prefer.
    On desktop & mobile, that would be a much appreciated function!

    • Viber

      Hi Shivara,

      We are currently working on an organization feature for stickers, to be released in future updates. Thanks for the feedback!

  • frustrated

    Hello Viber, I have an issue with downloading stickers, my phone did not do it want to cancel dowload request but cannot figure out how to stop the many attempts to download it ????? Can you please tell me who to do this.

  • frustrated

    How do I stop free stickers from downloading if I change my mind. Not enough room on my phone want to CANCEL download request???? Very annoying trying to download over and over again DO NO WANT IT ANYMORE… HELP ?!?!

    • Viber


      I’m sorry to hear that you are frustrated.

      We don’t quite understand the circumstance. Please open a support ticket at this link: and include the following:

      – Were you attempting to download the same Sticker Package?
      – Did multiple versions of the same package download?

    • NenoK

      I have the same problem.. I m frustrated! I even cleared space so that the downloading would JUST FINISH and get over!! but no!

      I clicked on the package to be downloaded, said downloading failed, no space, then HAD TO clear a lot of space, but still!
      I just want to cancel the downloading.

  • kittyconrad

    I read lots of requests to get rid of the voluminous stickers or to allow putting some into a favorites folder, and I see you keep saying you are thinking about it. How about just doing it? I uninstalled viber and then reinstalled it, after being told a few months ago that would remove the stickers and that I could then install only the ones I want. Instead, my new application now has even more than it did when I uninstalled. Bad matters getting worse. I would like to use about a half dozen sets, but they are spread across the universe of your, seeming, thousands of stickers. Please, allow us to cut back on sticker sets.

    • Viber

      There is an option to hide certain Sticker Packages on Android devices. You can read about it here:

      It will be available for iPhones soon.

      • Papanickolaou

        A “favorites” page is extremely necessary! To tell the truth, there are bunches of packages with like 2 to 5 awesome stickers, and the rest of the stickers that are just crap. So you have to find the right package, and then the right sticker, and that’s a major waste of time!

  • kittyconrad

    Sorry, I was talking about pc (Windows 7). I already knew that about Android. I would like to hide and rearrange the stickers on my pc or delete most of them.

    • Viber

      We are working on this feature for Viber for Desktop. Thank you for your feedback – I will pass it along to our developers.

      • bill

        hurry up

  • Marcus Medina

    The stickers are extremely ugly and annoying, please add the possibility to remove them from the Desktop version.

  • pissedoff

    Hurry up and sort out the ability to remove stickers on the windows 8.1 app. Why this feature was not implemented to begin with is ridiculous. How stupid is are the people building this program? There’s 36 sticker groups and I use 3 or 4. It takes too long to find them now so I just dont bother.

    • Reza

      He’s right… and our internet usage is rasing and raising -_-
      please, do something in this app , so we can modify and edit our stickers.

  • raihan

    Hi Viber…How can I design stickers of my own and publish for free… so that others can use it….is there any programming involved??? is there any link I can learn it from?

  • Dev

    Hello, Please help. I had to download Viber on my new phone due to old one broken. I tried to re download the stickers I previously purchased and it said I have no purchased stickers. I read somewhere that it recognize your account by your phone number. well seem like it did not. is there any other way to redownload the one I already purcheaed on my new phone. I have paid for quite a few of them and definatly do not want to pay again. Thanks for your help


      When u figure it out…let me.know… mine are completely gone

      • Dev

        I found out I had to sign in with my original Google email address and have that as my default on my smartphone. Once I did, most of them were downloaded. There were a few that I lost which I probably have to sign in with my other Google emails.. Just don’t do which ones.

  • Mahyar

    Hi when I want to buy a sticker I bought it but when it wants to download it gives me purchased eror
    My phone i iphone 5 version is ios 7 and its jailbreak I live in Iran my phon operator is Irancell

  • Yusuf

    On desktop version, stickers cannot be removed or edited. There are too much stickers and it is impossible to find the right one.

  • Hersheya

    Hello Viber, i have the updated version installed in my phone which is the 5.0.2 and i want to verify from you if this updated version really removed the “sent, delivered, seen” status in sending SMS? If so, i suggest to please, please bring back those features because it’s quite hard on the sender’s part if they didn’t know that the important message was read by the recipient or not. Will be waiting for a confirmation from you regarding my query. Thank you and more power to Viber. God Bless :)

    • anne

      Anyone can advise if the message status is been removed? I am using version 5.0.2, selected the seen status yesterday and was happy to find out message status was shown. To my surprise, the status is gone automatically without changing any of the settings!!

  • shayan

    Hi viber .i have viber 5.0.2 in my phone. I wnat to disable my share location but un fortuantly it doesnt work in some group and it work in some group. I,m confused !! Any way i want to disable this option compeletly .could you please help me how do that?

    • Viber

      Hi Shayan,

      To learn about the location sharing feature and for instructions on how to disable it, please read here:

  • m1jgun

    Hi, Mac users! Obviously while Viber developers are trying to find a convinient way to origanize stickers inside a Viber desktop app I can tell you a quite advanced solution that still works well in case if you want to keep only favourite stickers inside your app. Solution worked on Yosemite, so I guess it will go with Mavericks/Lion also.

    1. You have to close Viber app and find a folder with Viber stickers inside your Library. Normally it should be at /Users//Library/Application Support/ViberPC/data/stickers. Inside there are 3 folders with same folders inside (I dont know why it is mirrored three times – maybe for different resolutions). Each folder inside keeps a stickers group folders. You have to decide which stickers you should keep and then remove all other folders with other stickers (you have to do this three times for each folder inside “stickers”). After that you have to set a Read Only flag for the parental folder “stickers” so Viber will not be able to write inside this directory when it will start and try to redownload deleted stickers.

    2. After this you have to remember numbers of folders that keeps your stickers (each folder with stickers group has its own unique number).

    3. Download and run any SQL-Lite editor, I used the first one in Google search – SQLitebrowser – its free.

    4. Use SQLitebrowser to open your Viber config file that is located also inside a library (/Users//Library/Application Support/ViberPC/) – viber.db.

    5. After this you have to open Browse Data inside and go to the table Settings. Then you have to find string “GUI/EmoticonsPopup/StickerPacksOrder” and clear its value totally. After this you have to write there numbers of sticker packs that you had decided to leave as a new value for this string. It should be something like this – “0|7900|12100|24000|12800|25600″

    6. Press “Write changes”, close SQLitebrowser and start Viber.

    7. Thats it! Stickers that are not in your library and are still sent to you by other users will be downloaded by Viber app automatically so you will not have any problems with this.

    • asdg

      Thank you!! (Works on Viber for PC/Desktop version 4.4.0). You should work for Viber and help them add this feature because they clearly have no idea how to do it themselves.

  • Ehsan

    some stickers do not install in my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 1), they were Downloaded times and times automatically, but could not install automatically and their notification always remain on top of my screen… what’s wrong do you think?
    and is there any cancel downloading key?

    Thank you

    Bear with me and Rocco are two of that stickers

  • Bronte Flynn

    HI Viber, I have downloaded viber on my mac and I closed the stickers bar on the right hand side of the app because i kept accidentally clicking on them and now I can’t get the bar back!! How do i get it back, I need a reply ASAP plz!

  • tearless

    Hi, actually I am using viber version, when I open video call, its always show black screen but only voice call is ok. And also, I cant access to sticker market. Every time I open the sticker market, it show ” Unfortunately, your viper has stopped!! ” FYI, m using Huawei C8813D (Android version 4.1.1)

    • Viber


      Please open a support ticket here: so that we can take a closer look at what’s going on

  • CrisBE

    Hi, how do search for a specific sticker to send to someone – e.g. a Please or Thank You or I’m Sorry emoticon/sticker and all related ones pop up? Thanks.

  • Jody

    Hi Viber I have tried 3 x stickers recently & it comes with download failed. I have uninstalled viber & reinstalled twice & the same.problem.comes up for the same stickers.
    2 of which stickers I have had previously before I uninstalled. The problem.started.with Happy Halloween & now it’s also with ‘Eve’ & ‘hashtag’. I am on a Samsung galaxy S2. Many thanks

  • heyiamtihana

    Hi, I downloaded Rocco stickers on mobile phone while it was free, but then I bought new phone and I lost all of my stickers. Is there any possibility to get them back for free?

    • Viber


      If you download these packages for free during the promotion and then switch your device, you will no longer have access to them the next time you install or activate if the limited time offer has expired.

      • heyiamtihana

        Ok, thank you so much for the answer :)

  • bilaad

    hi viber. i got problem on my viber on ipod platform. ive been turned off auto download option in viber configuration . but ive noticed my viber still keeps downloading data in my data usage. i couldnt delete this usage through my ipod storage so i deleted the viber and reinstalled it. i want to know how can i stop this issue. i dont want to use my internet data on this. can u help me please?! thank you

  • Asalcha Shirin

    Hello viber team,
    Yesterday I bought a new sticker Autumn Vibes and try ownloading it but it wouldn’t download and instead an error message popped out saying “autumn vibes cannot be downloaded try again later”. I tired 3 times but it wouldnt work and at the end, asked for a refund.

    Why is sticker market functioning bad??

    • Viber


      We would like to figure out what happened with this Sticker Package. Please open a support ticket here:

  • EJ

    Hi viber! I imported all my pictures from my phone to my laptop and then I saw lots and lots of the viber stickers saved as photos. How do I stop this? It’s really annoying having to delete them

  • Laura B

    Tried to download Autumn Vibes, I have paid for them however says download fail; I own a Samsung S3 Mini and never had this problem before – help!

    • Viber

      Our support team is standing by here: to investigate what happened with your download.

      • Mina

        I have exactly the same problem with Autumn Viber :(

        • Viber

          I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue.

          We have resolved the issue, which should be fixed in an upcoming update. This update should be released in the next 2 weeks.

  • Lupo75

    3 days ago I’ve bought Autumn Vibes, but download of it fails. My Htc Desire X trying to download it hour by hour, but never succeed. Very depressing…

    • Viber

      Please open a support ticket here: so that we can look into why the download failed.

  • Istvan

    The autumn vibes sticker please do something because it is very annoying that I can not download !!!!

  • Deni

    Dear Viber,

    Are there any paid option to create sticker?

    • Viber


      Viber sometimes offers freelance positions for Sticker designs.

      Please send your portfolio and contact information to

      If the creative team is interested, someone will be in touch with you.

  • Reza

    do sth for organizing stickers in desktop version -__-
    it really annoy…

  • Zinkal Shah

    hello viber,

    Kindly suggest how can i stop the error of autumn vibes in my cell, m facing the same issue continuously and it’s really embarrassing.kindly revert me ASAP.

    • Viber


      I’m very sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue downloading the Autumn Vibes Sticker Package.

      We have found a solution for this, which will be released in our next update (due to be released within two weeks).

      • Ariane

        What about sticker Hi ?

  • Anastacia

    How do I disable the sticker notifications?? I do not use stickers and do jot need these notifications.

  • Anastacia

    Hoe do I disable the sticker notifications? I do not use stickers and do not need these notifications. Thank you!

  • Oliver

    Where did my “original” Viber stickers dissapear following my latest Viber update?

    • Ayla

      I have the same problem, it’s really annoying…

  • Ayla

    Hi, i’ve just updated the 5.2 version for ios, but the package of HI sticker, is not available anymore.. What should I do about it?!! It’s really annoying..

  • Juz

    Same problem – Hi package disappeared with update :-(

    • Phillip

      Same problem. Viber stickers 1-5 which come with Viber disappeared. We use them all the time :-(

  • Kat

    So not happy that the original Hi package disappeared with the new update. They were my favorite!! Please bring them back!!

    • Marinc

      Yes I have the same frustration!

    • Daniele

      I have the same problem too!!!
      Pls put back Hi stickers!!!

  • Pebble

    Same issue with missing HI! stickers. They were the best ones :( Please bring them back!!

  • Istvan

    Unfortunately, the update does not fix the problem autumn vibes !!! What should I do ??? So I’m very angry because the phone will run out 2-3 hours !! Please help me !!!

  • vibeviber

    Yes, the Hi stickers are missing after update a couple of days ago -what happened! They’re the only stickers I use, and so useful!

  • ijey

    is there any chance to bring hi stickers back???

  • Don

    Please bring the hi package back. :(

  • Lee

    My Hi stickers disappeared please bring them back its no longer fun using viber

  • Luba

    I agree with you, Lee. Its no longer fun using viber without Hi stickers! Please, bring them back!!!

  • RichieGer

    @Viber:disqus After update the hi Stickers are gone, and we really often use them, can you tell what has gone wrong ?

  • Prandir

    Hi stickers are missing on iphone :( bring them back…

    • Viber

      Hi Prandir,

      Thank you for reporting this issue.

      We have fixed this issue. Please enter the Sticker Market, exit the Sticker Market and the Hi package should reappear.

  • Yurassik

    Where is “Hi” stickers on iPhone Viber v5.2 and why are you adding “Violet” stickers in my collection? I do not need.

  • Flower

    My friend she have android phone she has Hi stickers on her viber it’s hurts my feelings lots cause I can’t send her one. It’s no longer fun using viber. Please bring the Hi stickers back May God bless you ameen.

  • Ariane

    My Stikers Hi disappeared from my iPhone 5C, it, not in the
    market why ? How I can refund it ? It’s the most important sticker
    Thank you for a clear answer

  • Rob

    I have a iPhone 4S operating iOS 6.1.3 and also a iPad 3 operating the latest iOS software. I update Viber on both devices last night and have Lost my “I Love Viber ” main Page. I can’t send a Viber “Hug” anymore. Surly this is a mistake as its by far the beat page.

  • Alex Inkognito!

    @Viber thanks you for fix the HI stiker!

  • woolkanas

    Hi, viber, I have a problem with emoticons on my galaxy note 4. When I choose from menu of your emoticons and send one of them it changes to another.. But if I make emoticon manualy, like “:D” it shows correctly. Thanks for any help..