Viber releases the new Windows Phone 8 version

It’s official – the new Viber for Windows Phone 8 has been released!

Viber Media, the leading mobile messaging and VoIP company, has announced the launching of the latest Viber version, which has been widely anticipated. This time it’s all about the Windows Phone 8 version. As is always the case with new Viber releases, this one too is packed with some pretty brilliant features.

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Viber had previously launched an application for Windows Phone that didn’t support voice calling. However, the latest issue comes with all of the already familiar advantages supported by other operating systems: free text and photo messaging, free VoIP HD calling and group chat that can gather up to 40 of your friends. You can share photos directly from your device’s photo gallery and location sharing is included as well. Given the fact that Viber is popular and used around the globe, the app typically supports up to 30 different languages.

So, what is new then? As for the new customized look and performance of Viber for Windows Phone 8, both have been enhanced. It actually comes with an interface that has been especially tailored for the latest generation of Windows Phone devices, including a native call screen. One new interesting new feature has been added – now you can pin your conversations to the home screen via tiles (Live Tiles). For conversations that remain unpinned, users will get lock screen notifications.

The redesigned app will now be available on the growing list of Windows 8 devices. In the words of Talmon Marco, Viber CEO: One of our most important goals is supporting multiple platforms, ensuring our users can reach all of their friends and contacts no matter what mobile OS they use. Supporting Windows Phone 8 is a critical part of this strategy.

Well, there you have it folks – free calls and free texts with loads of other cool stuff, now available for WP as well. This is exciting news for the WP ecosystem, however, on this platform, Viber will have to compete with other communication apps like Skype, Facebook etc. Still, this is a huge step forward for the Viber application and it opens new market possibilities. In the end, it’s all about pleasing the users. Viber Media have thus once again confirmed that, in their case, the users come first.

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  • Alunz

    I was install viber v2.2.3.0 build 288 in my Lumia 920(8.0.10328.78) two days ago.
    Push notification can not work when I recive message or voip call.
    Is anything wrong?
    p.s. 3G network or WiFi can not get any push notifications.

  • Eddie Karlsen

    I have viber for my phone which is a great . I then found that there was a the programme viber desktop . I downloaded it and connected my phone to the pc and have been using it. anyway the other day I was sending texts to a mate of mine and when I was finished I disconnected my phone but I had forgotten to close viber desktop I had just minimised the program . the next thing that happened I got a notification pop up saying a pal of mine had sent me a message I looked at the message on viber desktop then looked at my phone and the message was on my phone and viber desktop I thought this was strange as I did not have my phone connected to the pc. so I sent a message back and it was sent , now I just leave my phone not connected to the pc and use viber desktop and everything works . how is this possible as my phone is not connected to the pc .

  • trish

    i dont get notification when receiving a call when my phone is locked, its really annoying because i cant answer my calls i have a WP8,

  • jc12

    I am currently living in France and my iphone was stolen so I had to buy a french phone here, I bought a windows 8 phone however viber will not sync with my contacts or facebook contacts. Even if I type the person’s number in the key pad it will not work. I have tried re-installing the app several times but it still will not work.

    • Viber


      I’m sorry to hear that your phone was stolen.

      Please note that your new phone must have the contacts saved in order for the contacts to sync over to Viber.

      If the contacts are saved in your phone and you are still experiencing this issue, please can read this article: for possible solutions.

  • Irfan

    not able to activate viber on nokia lumia 1520 in Saudi Arabia. It always say check your connection while waiting for activation code sms.