Viber Out Call Rates

Viber Out is a feature that lets you call landline and mobile phones with credits you pre-paid via in-app purchase (or with credit card/Pay Pal for desktop version).  Credits are available in amounts of $4.99, $9,99 or $24,99.

Call rates depends on destination country you’re calling. You can check your call rate on your mobile if you follow the instructions below:

1. Enter the More options menu in Viber
2. Select Viber Out
3. Select Learn more at the bottom of the screen
4. From the Menu dropdown on the top right, select Viber Out
5. Begin typing the call destination country in the search field….(at this moment, these instructions doesn’t work on iphone)

…or you can find your country using following link

Here is a list of most searched countries with their call rates.

country landline mobile
Australia 2,3 ¢ 15 ¢
Austria 2,3 ¢ 7 ¢
Brasil 1,9 ¢ 22,1 ¢
Canada 1,9 ¢ 2,3 ¢
Czech Republik 3,0 ¢ 6,9 ¢
Denmark 2,3 ¢ 24,9 ¢
France 1,9 ¢ 16 ¢
Germany 1,9 ¢ 5,9 ¢
Hungary 1,9 ¢ 8,9 ¢
India 2,5 ¢ 4,9 ¢
Indonesia 9,6 ¢ 13,9 ¢
Iran 9,9 ¢ 9,9 ¢
Ireland 1,9 ¢ 12 ¢
Italy 1,9 ¢ 11,9 ¢
Japan 2,6 ¢ 14,9 ¢
Malaysia 2,3 ¢ 6,9 ¢
Mexico 2,3 ¢ 9,9 ¢
New Zealand 1,9 ¢ 8,9 ¢
Pakistan 13,9 ¢ 13,9 ¢
Philippines 17,9 ¢ 23,9 ¢
Poland 2,3 ¢ 6,9 ¢
Portugal 1,9 ¢ 29 ¢
Russia 4,9 ¢ 7,9 ¢
South Africa 3,9 ¢ 9,9 ¢
Spain 1,9 ¢ 9,9 ¢
Ukraine 13,6 ¢ 19,5 ¢
United Arab Emirates 26 ¢ 26 ¢
United Kingdom 1,9 ¢ 5,9 ¢
USA 0,0 ¢ – toll free 1,9 ¢

The data in this table was gathered manually from Viber application. This table is not official Viber Out price list.

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  • Jared

    Do you have calls rates to Papua New Guinea yet???

    • Viber

      The up-to-date list of available destinations and rates from your location is always available at

      • anna83

        Hi! I recently purchased credit and started using Viber Out on my Samsung S2 but there is some sort of a delay when I make call. The other person has to wait a while before he/she can hear me. It gets pretty irritating sometimes because it usually takes longer than 2-3s. :( It seems to have gotten worse after the recent update. How can I deal with this?

  • Bruno bboy

    :( the price to algeria is high !!! I liked so much this update and the new viber out but fix this price a little please

    • Viber

      Our prices are competitive with premium international providers like Skype. We try, but we cannot always compete with local carriers

  • spAtlanta

    the Viber Out rates quote rates to call TO those countries – does that price work both ways (i.e., if you are calling the U.S. FROM those countries)? Thank you.

    • Viber

      The price includes everything – the call from your country, to the destination that you chose.

  • Ryan

    Thank you for adding this service. I am just trying viber out and I realized I am being charged for minutes even if I call and the other party does not answer (called a number in Toronto, Canada). How come?

    • Viber


      You should not be charged if the call was not picked up. Did you make sure that in the last second of your call attempt, the answering machine didn’t get it?

      If you are certain that it was a missed call, but you still got charged, then
      we would appreciate if you could take a minute and report the
      details to our support team using this direct link:

      you submit the ticket, in the line called: “Through which channel did
      you submit your initial inquiry”, please make sure to choose “Technical

      Thanks in advance!

  • peter

    I used viber out once successfully but now it just keeps telling me can’t complete call with viber need to use regular carrier.

    • Viber


      It could be that the network you are connected to is blocking Viber’s traffic.

      First, please try uninstalling and reinstalling Viber when connecting
      to a few different WiFi networks (in order to pinpoint the source of the
      problem). What are the results?
      2. Also, please make sure the following ports are enabled (“forwarded”) on your routers or firewalls:
      TCP: 5242 + 4244
      UDP: 5243 + 9785

      (if you are not sure how to enable ports, you may contact your router manufacturer or your Internet Service Provider)

      * If it still fails, please specify what country you’re located in, and which cellular network you’re subscribed to.

  • JobA

    Is it possible to send text messages using Viber out? To a non-Viber user, that is?

    • Viber

      Unfortunately, this feature is not available yet. We will consider adding it in future versions.

      we invite you to enter our Feature Request page and post your
      suggestion there, or join an existing similar suggestion. Unfortunately
      it is not possible for us to integrate every suggested feature into
      Viber, but the more people join on a request, the faster it will become
      reality :)
      You can find it here:

  • DD

    I’m in China, I charged my Viber . But I want to know the rates of Viber out. As Call in China or oversea how much per a minute ?! I confuse this….
    Thank you !

    • JobA then type what country you’re going to call.

    • Zizhao CHEN

      no mater where you make your call from
      the rates are the same!

      • Viber

        Yep, that’s true.
        It’s only the destination that determines your ViberOut call rate.

  • fuz_ha

    Out of the blue, I’m unable to make any Viber to Viber calls. When tried the call is initiated as Viber Out and I’m prompted with buy credit pop up. The person I’m trying is a Viber contact and online. I tried with another Viber contact of mine wjo is online and facing same issue. I checked online to find out a remedy and Viber it is stated that Viber to Viber is always free! How can I make Viber Android app default to Viber calls instead of Viber Out.
    Device is Samsung Galaxy S3, Stock Android 4.1.2

    • GS3

      Yes! This is crazy! Even I can’t make calls. I too have the Galaxy S3 with stock Android 4 1.2
      Please help!

      • Viber

        Hi @fuz_ha:disqus and @GS3 –

        we would appreciate if you could take a minute and report the details to our support team using this direct link:

        you submit the ticket, in the line called: “Through which channel did
        you submit your initial inquiry”, please make sure to choose “Technical

        Thanks in advance!

        • GS3

          Hey! I found the solution!
          @fuz_ha- Go to viber. More Options. Settings. Tap on Restore Viber Defaults.
          And you’ll be good to go. :)

          • fuz_ha

            Hi @GS3, that did the trick. Thankx.
            Thankx to @Viber too. All is back to normal. Viber Rockz!

          • Viber

            Enjoy :)

          • shenny

            Hey I just tried this but it’s still showing viber out for some contacts while not for some….n w the viber out contacts, it’s not letting me call viber to viber!

          • Viber

            Hi Shenny,

            This might because Viber does not recognize certain contacts of yours as Viber contacts.

            The source of this issue could greatly vary. Please read this short page
            in our HelpDesk, outlining some possible workarounds that will help
            reboot synchronization of the contact list:

    • Viber

      There is probably a problem recognizing that contact as a Viber user.

      The source of this issue could greatly vary. Please read this short page
      in our HelpDesk, outlining some possible workarounds that will help
      reboot synchronization of the contact list:

  • mirayeah

    Hello! I’d like to make sure is it free to call to the USA landline phones using Viber Out, if I’m in Ukraine? And do I have to put money on my account for that?
    Thx in advance.

    • Viber

      Free calls are only between 2 Viber accounts (from inside the application).

      ViberOut always costs money, but you can find our cheap rates at (and also information about purchasing).

  • DJ

    I am Canadian with an iPhone on a Canadian cell network. I will be staying in California for 1 month. Say i purchase Viber Out credits. When using my phone, will I only incur the depletion of the credits, or will I also be charged US roaming charges, as I am when I normally use my Canadian iPhone in the US? Assuming I am dialling out using Viber while connected to a wifi signal.

    • Viber

      If you use ViberOut when connecting to WiFi, then you will only charged with the ViberOut rates that you can find here:
      (it doesn’t now matter from which location in the world you use ViberOut).

      Note, however, that if you are connected to 3G from your device, then the cellular provider may charge you for Roaming Data (these charges have nothing to do with us, Viber). This needs to be verified with them.

  • Azadeh

    Hi,I have problem with viberout feature.i don’t want to use it and just want to continue my free calls with viber but from yesterday for all my free calls I want to place with viber I am recieving the massage thst”this purchase csn not be completed….”
    How can I come out from viberout mode?
    My device is samsung S4 galaxy ,calling from Iran…was working without any problem with viber but from yesterdsy I faced with this problem…now I can’t do anything.really need to tell me how to deactivate this feature…

    • Viber


      You may try going to Settings –> restore Viber defaults.

      If this doesn’t work, then please make sure that the problematic contacts are actually recognized as Viber users inside the app.

      • John

        Hey, Deactivate account and restart, you will lose call history. BUT do not click on the screen if the ViberOut ‘click anywhere on screen’ is displayed but use the return thingy on the Android. Viber please note your call rates in Australia is not cheap, land line OK at 3c/m but mobile at 18c/m is just not on.

        • Viber

          Thank you for your feedback.

          Viber Out rates are meant to be competitive with premium international providers. We try, but cannot always, compete with local carriers.

          We are continuously working to get better offers, and we hope to have our rates reduced over time.

  • sakeer

    1 second hou much

  • sakeer

    1second howmuch

  • Oliver

    Hi, is it true that the vibe developer is a former Mossad agent?
    that’s what everyone in England says… thats why the app ask you always to access your contacts to spy on you!!! I’m I right?? please answer me…

    • Viber

      Hi Oliver,

      Viber is not a “Mossad agent”. The reason we ask for access to the user’s contact list is because Viber automatically and conveniently synchronizes with your phone’s contact list, in order to identify who in your list has Viber installed, so you are presented with the option to make free calls and free texts to those contacts. Almost all similar communication apps ask for the same permission from your phone.

      If you still have doubts or need more info, please contact our support team at:

  • Nikitas

    hi, i’m using viberout, and one issue i have is that some people i call see my cellphone number but others see something completely irrelevant. how can i fix that? secondly, is there any chance that the people i call to be charged in any way?

    • Viber

      Hi Nikitas,

      Thanks for the report of the problem.
      We kindly ask that you email us at and elaborate on the problem (including your phone number and the contacts for whom your number seems wrong).

      This will help us get to the bottom of this problem.

      Thank you in advance!

  • Sam

    Hi m using viber from almost a year on my iPhone n now m using it on my iPhone 5 c but when I try to use viber out it asked for the credit , then I make a payment from my account I use for my iTunes and Apple and then it asked for the conformation n I confirmed as yes n money is deducted but then I tried to make a call but suddenly a mssge pops up as buy credit . Ok then I again tried to buy more credit thinking it might not went through before but then a mssge pops up that ‘ you’ve already purchased it but it’s not downloaded . Can anyone plz help me about what is going on as viber is downloaded on my phone ever since I bought it

    • Viber


      Please check your account balance at
      What do you see there? Do you have credits?

    • Ryan H

      I have the exact same problem. Must be a bug. @Viber:disqus Please look into this problem. I am using the latest Viber on iPhone 5s.

      • Viber

        Hi Ryan,

        Thank you for the update.
        We’ll certainly look into the reason for the delay, but it could be a problem in iTunes/Apple itself.

  • Abhishek

    Nymgo rates to most of the countries are at least HALF of what you are offering. Why should I switch to Viber out. I usr Viber on S3 and fan of it for IM. But for telephony, I am not convinced.

    • Viber

      Our prices are competitive with premium international providers like Skype. We try, but we cannot always compete with local carriers.

      We are continuously working on offering our users the best rates we can.

  • Bugs

    Hi Viber – I am using Viber to Viber which is working all OK. But while checking more about Viber Out I am unable to load the Page, neither the rates. I reside in UAE & using Note 2, with Etisalat Service. PLS HELP!

    • Viber


      Unfortunately Viber is blocked in the UAE, and that is probably the reason for the problems you are encountering. You may contact the authorities for more information.

      A possible temporary solution: in
      order to access Viber during this time, please follow the link: (note that this solution is available for Android
      users only at the moment).

      We regret that our services are being
      withheld and hope that they become available to you again soon. Please
      let us know if this was able to solve the issue.

  • Acid

    Hey , I want to use viber out to call friends within my city. Im in India and so i want to know what the call rates are for mobile using Viber Out to call someone within India itself.

    • Viber

      Viber Out Call rates depend only on the destination country, and not on where the caller is.

      The rates can be found here:

  • nahush

    Hello. When I Buy the Credit, is there any validity period for the credit purchased ?

    • Viber


      The balance stays untouched until you decide to use it, whenever you choose :)

  • Sailor

    My girlfriend is out of the country, but has a U.S. phone number. When I call her U.S. phone number from a landline, and she answers using Viber, will my landline incur any international charges? Will she have to pay for the incoming call using credit on Viber Out?

    • Viber


      You should not incur any charges.

      As long as your girlfriend is connected to a free internet source (and not a 3G phone network), she should not receive any charges. She does not pay for incoming calls on Viber Out calls.

  • piptik

    Hello. And what about sending text messages to non Viber users? Are there some sms rates? Thanks.

    • Viber


      We do not have an option to send text messages to non-Viber users. Viber Out is a service used to place calls to non-Viber users.

  • Faris

    how much per minute for a mobile to mobile call from US to Iraq

  • Viber fan

    I like very much VIBER quality for mobile and desktop with camera solo or duo, better than Skype and others in the same kind, but unhappily VIBER OUT rates are still too much expensive compared to my favourite 12VOIP and VOIPWISE operators to call for free and cheap rates landline and mobile telephones around the world. When VIBER will be charging free for brazilian landline telephones and less than 3 cents of euro per minute than it will be better than those two I have cited in this comment.

    • Viber


      We’re happy to hear that you like Viber!

      Viber Out rates are meant to be competitive with premium international providers. We try, but cannot always, compete with local carriers.

      If you would like us to investigate the rates for your regions, please fill out a support ticket here: and a support agent will assist you.

  • José Cipriano

    Hi! Is it possible to use the same Viber Out credit amount to make calls with two different Viber accounts (that is, each one with its respective number and device)?

    I’ve just activated Viber Out and bought some credits to evaluate the service. As it worked nice, I decided to buy some credits to my wife’s device. However, as her credits are going to be paid with the same credit card of the first device, It does not make much sense to create a new account only for this purpose.

    If this feature doesn’t exist yet, here is my suggestion to your roadmap: as a Viber Out user, I’d like to add one or more Viber accounts/numbers so that they can share the same credit when making calls :-)


    • Viber


      We’re glad that you like Viber Out!

      Viber Out credits are associated with the number from which they were purchased, so you will only be able to use these credits on your wife’s phone.

      If you would like to formally request this feature, you can do so here: Make sure to select “Feedback and feature request” from the dropdown menu.

  • Lindel

    If i download viber will it automatically send a text to each name on my contact list? I dont want it to do that.

    • Viber

      Hi Lindel,

      This depends on your contacts’ settings. If they have disabled the “Contact joined Viber” notification, they will not be notified that you joined. However, if they have not disabled this option, they will know that you have joined Viber.

  • Robert

    I purchased Viber Out credits through the ap, however, when dialing certain numbers in my contact list a pop-up notification says credits are required to make the call, and the call will not go through. The credits show in my account. What is happening?

    • Viber

      Hi Robert,

      We would like to investigate this for you, but we need more information from you. Please open a support ticket here: and a support agent will assist you with your Viber Out credit.

  • mahdi

    i can’ viber out with any none viber contact’s of my winphone 8.1
    i purchased about 5$ and still confused

    • Viber


      You will need to talk to a support agent for further assistance. Please open a support ticket here: and an agent will be in touch with you shortly.

  • Sherlyn

    Hi there, when I make a Viber Out call, does the recipient have to pay anything?
    We are in two different countries.

    • Viber


      Nope, the receiver of the phone call will not receive calls from Viber.

      It is possible that the recipient might incur charges from his/her phone provider should he go over his data limit, so this is something that he should be aware of.

  • Jarrod

    Do you have any plans to introduce subscriptions similar to Skype? They have for example unlimited US and Canada (mobile and landlines) for $3/month. If you had that, it would no brainer. Landlines are becoming thing of the past.

    • Viber

      Hi Jarrod,

      This is a feature that we plan to add in the future. Thanks for your interest!

  • Marie


    I can’t use viber out with any none viber contact’s of my Samsung S4 mini.
    i purchased for 9,98 € credit and when I call, there is no tonality and the message “failure call” and “recomposed”.
    Please help me

    • Marie

      It’s OK. Viber out “works” fine.
      Sorry for my english.

      Thanks Viber

  • Nikhil Pawar

    Thanks for sharing the calling rates of the different countries.

  • Phoebe

    Hi, I purchase viber out credit but can’t make a call. My viber shows purchae error and asks me to buy again. But I have paid and was informed that my transaction was successfully processed

    • Viber

      Hi Phoebe,

      We’d be happy to take a look into what happened. Please open a support ticket here: and an agent will be in contact.

  • Thann

    Hi,I just wanna know rates to call Myanmar by Viber out call

  • Mohsen

    I’m a Viber User From Iran.
    Can I purchase Viber credit with Iranian Bank Card?

    • Viber

      Hi Mohsen,

      The accepted methods of payment for Viber services are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

  • s.nassim

    I added some credit via paypal, and nothing shows on credit balance???
    Where my money gone????

    • Viber


      We will need to look into this for you. Please open a support ticket here:

  • Alan

    I was wondering how does Viber Out Call work?? How does Viber Out Call able to call a person who is not a Viber user??


  • JA

    What is the dialing format when making an international call from the US? I have international phone numbers stored in my contact list, but I can’t find them on Viber even though they have Viber. I keep getting a prompt to connect with them using Viber out. Please help.

    • Viber

      Hi JA,

      The international dialing format is: (+)(Country code)(Area code, without leading 0s)(Phone number)

      If that doesn’t help, you can read this article: on possible contact sync issues.

  • disqus_EVsTMRdBJy


    Can I use Viber Out without wifi connection nor 3G, even though I purchase credits?

    • Viber


      In order to place Viber-to-Viber calls and Viber Out calls, you must have a stable internet connection. This means that you must be connected to 3G and/or Wi-Fi to place a Viber Out call.

  • beloved ayanfe

    Hi. I can’t credit my viber account . It keep showing payment method declined for my master card and have used same card else where . More also my account was debited without crediting my viber account

    • Viber


      Please check with your bank to make sure that this is not related to your card.

      If you are still experiencing issues, please open a support ticket here:

  • TC Lim

    I have paid for viber out but i can’t use it. My bank account is credited for sure but my viber account is not debited at all. Can you explain how can I do it?

    • Viber


      I’m sorry to hear that. Please contact our support team here: for assistance

  • Glitterbug

    Hi. I am in UK using a phone I bought in Greece. I installed viber and tried to make a call to my friend back in Greece who also has viber. I was told called failed and to add credit. Why will it not connect to her viber direct and therefore not need credit.

    • Viber


      Please make sure that you have your friend’s phone number saved in the following format: (+)(Country code)(Area code, without leading 0s)(Phone number)

      If that doesn’t help, please open a support ticket here:

  • KL Goh

    hi,my gf andI I are in different countries, If i use vibe out to call her, will her receive any international charge?

  • Senthil Kumar

    Hi, I want to know the viber out message charges ? What will be the charge per message within India ? Thanks.

  • chris

    Hello i am using viber from long time. Very good app and usefull app.
    today when i want make a call it is automatic using” viber out” but i want to use only normal call by viber. Not “viber out”. How can i do ?

    • Viber

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you, we’re happy to hear that you like Viber!

      In order to use the free Viber call option, the person that you’re calling must also be a Viber user.

      If this person is a Viber user, please make sure his/her number is saved in the international format: (+)(Country Code)(Area Code without the leading 0’s)(Phone Number)

  • Hatim

    what is the caller ID will appear for the receiver when I place a call through Viber out? and can I use my land line is a caller ID?

    • Viber

      Hi Hatim,

      Your phone number (as it is registered to Viber) is meant to be displayed to the receiver

  • Mejan

    I want to know the rates of per min on viber outgoing call in bangladesh..

  • Benita1979

    Hi,I was wondering if you would loose your credit balance after a while?I had 1.14 $ of balance as of last week,but today when I was about to make a viber out call I noticed it has changed to only 16 cents!

    • Viber


      Viber Out credit not expire and does not charge any additional fees.

      Please check your Viber Out call history to ensure that the balance is correct.

      Should you find any discrepancies, please open a support ticket here:

  • Nishit Srivastava

    I had a Viber account through my UK no. And had Viber out credit through the same. Im travelling in US at the moment and had to reinstall Viber. Upon reinstalling, it was registered through US number and I cannot use my Viber out credit. Can you suggest a solution so that I can use my Viber out credit( i can’t use my UK no. at the moment and hence can’t register in Viber through it). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Viber


      You will not be able to access the credit on your UK number if you are not using the account associated with that number.

      For more details and for assistance, please open a support ticket here:



  • keshav

    how can I delete my credit card details from viber?

    • Viber


      Credit card details are not requested unless you are purchasing or have previously purchased Viber Out credit or Stickers.

      In order to remove your card details from the Viber Out account, sign in to your account and go to Payment Settings > Forget Card (next to your card number).

      If you were referring to the card details that are saved on your mobile phone, please know that your card is linked to your Google Play / App Store / Microsoft Store account (depending on your device) and not to Viber. If you wish to remove your card details from those accounts, please contact their support directly.