Viber for Android Beta – First Look (VIDEO)

Updated on July 20, 2011
Viber is available for download at Android Market.
Check out the Viber for Android Beta Review

When Viber announced that they had 1 million downloads in just 5 days after release in last December, we all knew that something great is cooking there. Now the Viber says that 10 million people have downloaded Viber for iPhone (iPad and iPod touch).

As we already know, Viber will come on Android platform in March and beta testing will begin somewhere near end of February. Although Viber CEO Talmon Marco said for MobileCrunch that the Android version is in near end development status, only sneak at all was one image showing the Android desktop with Viber icon on it.
To celebrate 10 millions, Viber released video clip which shortly presents Android beta version and demonstrates successful call from iPhone to Android.

We can see that the application is mainly the same as on iPhone, but slightly adopted to fit Android standards. Even the ringtone is the same (sorry folks, no custom ringtones yet :().

But we do not know can it read phone address book, are the text messages supported and we do not know does it uses some sort of push notifications like iPhone version do.
One of push like solutions is Google’s Cloud To Device Messaging, but it is not released yet and it will require Android 2.2 as minimum. Viber for Android will require 2.0, so it seems that Google does not counts. There are also interesting third party push notification services on Android like Urban Airship which supports even Android 1.5.
But at the end, knowing how skilled the Viber developers are, it is most likely that they will come out with their own solution, and I can bet, it will be awesome.

Enjoy the video, and do not forgot: we are expecting text messaging for iPhone this month.

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  • Merchy

    i´ve got an android Samsung Galaxy SCL, and i´ve tried Viber, with messages no problem, with calls, i just can use it throug wifi connection, through 3G, it doesn´t work, nor making calls neither receive them.

    • ViberTeam

      What country are you located in? Which cellular network?

  • Merchy

    i´m in spain and the network is Yoigo

    • ViberTeam

      Hmm… we haven't received special complaints from our users on Yoigo's 3G.
      Do you have other friends on Yoigo who can test it and see if the problem is only for you, or for all Yoigo users?

  • chris

    I just acquire a HTC sensation and upgraded to version 2.3.4 and Viber keeps crashing.

    • Viber

      Hi Chris,

      We haven’t tested Viber on HTC sensation with this OS type.
      We are about to release a new Viber version within the next few weeks and hopefully it will resolve this issue for you.