Viber desktop – Mac installation

Installing Viber desktop on your Mac is pretty easy. Just like any other application, it consists of few steps. In this case, steps are very simple.

But before you start installing it on the computer make sure you meet the system and hardware requirements. And yes, you must have Viber installed on your mobile first to be able to use Viber desktop.

Minimum hardware requirement for desktop computers are: dual core processor, 1 GB RAM, microphone and speakers for voice calls, webcam for video calls, AD2P compatible Bluetooth receiver for BT devices.

Minimum system requirement for desktop computers are:

- for Windows users: Windows XP Service pack 3 and above; Windows Vista; Windows 7 or Windows 8 (RT is not supported);

- for Mac users: OSX 10.7 and above.

If you meet those system and hardware requirements on your desktop computer, make sure you have the following Viber mobile versions prior desktop registration to be able to use Viber desktop:

- Viber 3.0 for Android

- Viber 3.0 for iPhone

- Viber 2.4 for Blackberry

- Viber 2.2.3 for Windows Phone 8 (partly compatible, might encounter sync issues)

- Viber for Windows Phone 7, S40/S60 & Bada: do not require a minimum Viber version (partly compatible, might encounter sync issues).

If both, system and hardware requirements, are fulfilled, you should be done with your installation in few minutes…or less…

Installation procedure

Download installation file. You can download it from Viber’s official site using this link.

After finishing downloading simply drag Viber to your Application folder on the right.

To launch Viber go to your application folder and tap on ‘Viber’. After launching you’ll get Welcome screen. Hit “Yes” to continue.


After hitting “Yes” and you’ll be asked for phone number. Type in your phone number (without the country code) and click ‘Continue’.

type in your phone number(without the country code) and click 'Continue'.

type in your phone number(without the country code) and click ‘Continue’.

You will receive an 4 digit access code to your Viber mobile. Type it in.  Read and accept the Viber User License Agreement and click ‘Enter Viber’.


After completing the installation, Viber desktop will automatically sync your contacts with contacts stored in your mobile Viber.

Contacts are automatically synced with your mobile Viber

Contacts are automatically synced with your mobile Viber

You’re ready for free communication via Mac!


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  • Denis

    it seems that viber only works on mac with one single user. if another user logs on the mac, viber won’t start with that user

    • Viber

      At this stage Viber can hold only one user per computer. In the future, we are considering to add multiple-user support. When we have news, we’ll let you know :)

      • Ioklio

        Still no news?

        • Viber

          We have no news at this point. We are still considering it for the future.

  • Van Nguyen

    Dear Viber, I am using Samsung S4 model GT-I9500. I installed viber when in Vietnam (using a Vietnam simcard) and it was straightforward. Yesterday I uninstalled
    viber and reinstalled it with the South Sudan simcard. In the process of
    setting up, the phone automatically and randomly picked a country and I
    couldnt choose South Sudan as the country to complete the setting. I
    turned off the phone. Left it overnight and tried it again in the
    morning, still it didnt work. I removed the sim and put it back again
    and uninstalled and reinstalled viber again, still the same problem
    occurs. what can I do now? I hate to switch to another apps as I am so
    used to viber and my relatives, friends are all viber users. Thanks for
    your help.

    • Viber

      Thanks for the report of the problem.

      Do you mean that South Sudan does not appear in the country list, and so you can’t register using a South Sudanese SIM card?

      • Van Nguyen

        Dear Viber,

        South Sudan appears in the country list but when I choose it, it automatically goes back to the country that randomly appears on the bar. It happens to Samsung S4. My friends who use iPhone does not have any problem when installing viber.

        Thanks for your help to look into this.

        • Viber

          Thank you for the details.

          Please contact us via email at , providing the step-by-step description of the problem. We will examine and test it, and get back to you as soon as possible.

          Thanks again, and we apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

  • Chris

    Hey Viber, I seem to be having a problem with the Mac Desktop version. When I’m in Conversation mode, on the left side of the window are my contacts/messages. The issue is, there are 2 of the same contacts on the list. For example, one is her name, the other is her phone number. When I receive a message from her, it’ll come via her number but when I try to respond, it will say “This contact does not have Viber, etc… The only way I could respond to her is if I use her name. How do I fix this so the conversation is ALL in the same conversation box.

    In the image, the blue is her name and the box below it is her number.


    • Viber

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the report of the problem.

      First, please see this page in our HelpDesk that will try refreshing the contact on your mobile (and maybe also affect on your Mac app):

      Also, please make sure that you have the latest version of Viber for Mac.

      If both fail, then we would appreciate if you could take a minute and report the details to our support team using this direct link: (when you submit the ticket, please make sure to add the URL of our conversation). With this information, our development team will hopefully be able to find the source of the problem, and ultimately resolve it.
      Thanks in advance :)

  • mike186

    Hello Viber! Please help me. I’m using MacBook in my work. I’ve downloaded Viber installation file for mac and installed application. But unfortunately I can’t run the app (actually can’t get the activation code on my phone), because the app can’t connect to the web. We have an internet access by proxy-server. I’ve configured all network configurations, but it did’t help.

    • Viber


      Viber generally does not support proxy connections, as the proxy might be blocking Viber’s traffic/ports.

      please make sure the following ports are enabled (“forwarded”) on your routers or firewalls:
      TCP: 5242 + 4244
      UDP: 5243 + 9785

      (if you are not sure how to enable ports, you may contact your router manufacturer, your Internet Service Provider, or your proxy admin)

      If it still doesn’t work, then unfortunately there is not much we can do to help :(


    Hey Viber, i tried downloading viber desktop for mac and it worked fine. However when asked to enter my number it says “there seems to be an error activating viber on your device” which is untrue as it works fine on my phone. I have tried unistalling, reinstalling, deactivating and reactivating viber on my phone as well as redownloading viber many times on my mac, still doesnt work. What do you suggest?? Maybe i should wait longer?

    • Viber


      Please make sure this isn’t a network-related issue by deactivating and activating Viber when connecting to a few
      different WiFi networks (in order to pinpoint the source of the
      problem). What are the results?

      Also, please try rebooting your Mac, and downloading the latest version of Viber Desktop from our homepage anew.

      What are the results?

  • Francesca

    Hi, I’ve downloaded Viber correctly, but when I click on the icon in the the application folder (the icon is covered by a kind of no parking signal) it seams it’s starting, but nothing happen. It looks like is blocked. If it helps I copy here infos from the Viber folder: Last login: Fri Jan 31 12:05:15 on ttys000

    /Users/francescaorlandani/Desktop/ ; exit;

    Francesca-Orlandanis-MacBook-Pro:~ francescaorlandani$ /Users/francescaorlandani/Desktop/ ; exit;

    2014-01-31 12:08:12.771 Viber[23236:903] Error loading /Users/francescaorlandani/Desktop/ dlopen(/Users/francescaorlandani/Desktop/, 262): Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib

    Referenced from: /Users/francescaorlandani/Desktop/

    Reason: image not found


    THANK you for helping!

    • Viber


      Please open a support ticket here: and a support agent will be in contact with you shortly.

  • Rajesh

    Hello VIber,
    I need to uninstall viber from my office Mac Pro but I am not able to find a way to do so. Can you please help me with un installing instructions?

    • Viber


      To uninstall Viber from your Mac, please do the following:
      1. Open the Viber application
      2. Hit Alt
      3. Choose Viber
      4. Select Deactivate Viber

  • Keith

    Hi Viber,

    Deactivating Viber on Mac OS X does not uninstall the Viber app, it only logs out the account. How to completely remove the Viber app from OS X (Mavericks) ?

    • Viber


      In order to uninstall Viber off of your Mac, you need to drag Viber from your Applications folder into your computer’s trash can.

  • Popz

    Hello Viber, my iPhone 4s was stolen almost a month ago. My old sim & number seems to have been deactivated already as I am unable to call it since. However, yesterday, my friend Dre was contacted by a stranger using my viber account w/ my picture showing. The stranger seems to have been receiving messages from Dre when he sends it through viber for a group I used to be part of. The stranger seems also confused about the whole thing. I’m thinking whoever stole my iPhone sold it to the stranger & the stranger is now receiving viber messages meant for me. If the stranger put in a new sim card w/ a different number, would he still receive viber messages meant for me? I don’t want the stranger to receive messages meant for me. How do I resolve this? :(

    • Viber


      If he puts in a new SIM card with a different number on the same phone, your old Viber account will be deactivated. If you are still using the phone number associated with the stolen phone, you can activate Viber on your new phone. This will deactivate Viber on your stolen phone.

  • Roma

    Good day

    I have MacBook AIR

    During a call, I can hear only the input sound, but my outgoing sound is not audible, tried to change all possible settings of microphone, unsuccessfully.

    I’m shure that my mic works with other applications such as Skype

    Could you please help to find the solution ?

    • Viber


      We will need to get more information from you. Please open a support ticket here: and include the following information:

      -Is this a new issue?
      -Have you recently updated your computer’s operating system?
      -Let them know that this is an issue specific to Viber