Viber launched Viber Desktop and Viber 3.0 for iOS and Android

Today, Viber Media has launched two huge novelties: the revamped Android and iOS versions, and Viber Desktop. The latter is a major step forward in Viber’s market approach, since its efforts so far have been primarily oriented towards the mobile communications industry.
Obviously, Viber has concluded that it was just the right time for it to accept the challenge and take things to the next level. Breaking ground in the desktop space (Windows/Mac) means that, from now on, Viber users will be able to send free messages and make free calls, on any device and network, in any country. Viber syncs your contacts, messages and call history with your mobile device, so you can start the conversation on the Viber mobile application and continue from the comfort of your PC.

Excellent quality HD voice and video calls, free text and photo messaging, practical group conversations and other typically Viber features are now available to manage from your computer. What is more, no registration, passwords or invitations are required.
In addition to the major desktop breakthrough, Viber has also made some nice updates to its current iOS and Android versions. So, what is new in that department? Viber 3.0 for iOS and Android will now have video messages, improved user interface, as well as enhanced photo experience. Both include new packages of fun stickers and boast major performance improvements. Online status is now available, as well as “Last online” feature. Also, the number of languages that are supported has expanded – Swedish, Turkish, Korean, Dutch, and many more are now part of the increasingly growing Viber community worldwide.
Some enhancements have been made separately. For example, Viber is now designed according to Google’s guidelines for Android apps based on the HOLO theme. In case of iOS, accessibility is one of the newly supported features characteristic for that brand only.
Another big announcement is on its way as well. Viber CEO Talmon Marco says development for Blackberry 10 is in its advanced stages, so the new version will be rolling out pretty soon, leaving us to believe that Viber means some serious business and is heading towards new spheres of success.

Introducing: Viber desktop

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  • Meds

    I’ve just downloaded viber to my new iPad, but when I put in the verification code it deletes viber off my mobile?? Any help would be appreciated?? …..same happens if I then add it back to my mobile…it deletes off my iPad….well it’s still there but goes back to adding your mobile number stage…?? So I can’t use it on both devices?? Am I doing something wrong here??

    • Viber

      At this stage Viber can be installed on Desktop + 1 mobile device (‘mobile device’ includes Tablets, iPads, etc.)

      In the future we might also allow simultaneous installation on mobile + tablet. We’ll let you know if we have news about it :)

  • Chorus

    hope to see the viber stickers and emoticons in the new version of viber for laptops and mac… coz its really cool if we will gonna have those things to use while chattin with our friends and loveones… thanks and more power…
    God bless…

    • Viber

      Stickers are coming :)

  • Alessio JonitoRinco Mastoro

    I downloaded Viber Desktop and I put my mobile number (already installed and activated) but the programm tells me to install viber on my mobile. Why?

    • Viber

      Viber requires the app to be installed on mobile, if you want to install it on Desktop.

      if you already have it on your mobile phone but Viber Desktop still doesn’t work, then first, uninstall Viber Desktop. Now, you need to download the latest version of Viber on your mobile phone (from AppStore/PlayStore/Market Place/AppWorld), launch it and use it for a few minutes.

      Then, reinstall Viber Desktop *from our homepage*, and try to register again. Does it work now?

  • Anish

    I am still waiting for an activation code (Polish mobile number), but didn’t receive any. Thus unable to complete installation of desktop version.

    • Viber

      Please try removing Viber, wait 24 hours, reinstall and try again (make sure you try both the SMS and the automated call options).

      In addition, you may try to register to Viber with a different number (for example – your home landline number, a friend’s number, etc.), in order to determine whether the problem is specific with your number, or a general one.

  • max

    can you use 2 different users on one mac? when my wife wants to open viber on her account it doesn´t work…

    • Viber

      Unfortunately not at this stage.

      Currently, only 1 Viber number (account) can be assigned with one computer.
      In the future we are considering allowing more than one account. We’ll keep you posted with news :)

      We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

  • Doc

    I have just installed Viber on my windows 7 PC and also have it on my phone, but my contacts list won’t load… it says “connecting” and spinning but, won’t load. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Khaled Hamadmad

    Hey I have installed the Viber desktop app on Windows, and I know that the WiFi network which I’m using is basically blocking the viber’s port.. could you tell me please how can I change the port for viber.

  • LOL… “just hangup!” #$%^#

    I looked at your site i don’t know where to ask this…

    Can you give me options that let me end the call with the power button, home button or back button.

    I switch off my phone and I’m still in the call, so I either have to spend 5 minutes unlocking my phone and opening Viber again or not realize I’m still in the call and put the phone back in my pocket.

    PLEASE!!! Help me. I just want to end my calls.

    • Viber


      This is something that is not easy to implement (and sometimes impossible) on some phones, since Viber is a third-party application, and not the phone’s native calling app. This means that many times, Viber will simply not have permission to perform actions using the power button.

      We will look into, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee to implement it soon because of the limitation I explained above.

  • Patrick

    How can I start group chats on the desktop version?

    • Viber

      Unfortunately this option is not yet available.
      We hope to add it in future versions :)

  • disqus_wSksIGmdKW

    I keep getting new version notification when I already have 3.0.0
    I do have background data unchecked on Samsung Galaxy W to save power.
    Any ideas how to stop the notifications?

    • Viber


      Please try rebooting your phone.
      If the problem persists after that, then we would appreciate if you could take a minute and report the details to our support team using this direct link: (when you submit the ticket, please make sure to add the URL of our conversation). With this information, our development team will hopefully be able to find the source of the problem, and ultimately resolve it.
      Thanks in advance :)

      • arkiosdad

        I have lodged ticket


        • Viber

          Thank you :)

          Our team will get to it hopefully soon, and assist you further.

          • arkiosdad

            They already did.Seems i had 3.0.0 instead of 3.0.1 BUT when i was getting notifications they would just clear and not direct me to upgrade the app.
            Tha remains odd but as of now I am not getting notifications.
            Fingers crossed.

          • Viber

            Great to hear!

            Enjoy Viber :)

  • Jimi

    I have a slight problem with Viber on my new Wildfire S. I have previously used viber on my old Wildfire with no problems whatsoever but ever since i got the S i cannot launch Viber. It installs correctly it seems but when i try to launch it , it just says that it has stopped unexpectedly and i have to force close it. Help would be appreciated. Cheers ;)

    • Viber


      Thank you for the report of the problem.

      We would appreciate if you could take a minute and report the details to our support team using this direct link: (when you submit the ticket, please make sure to add the URL of our conversation). With this information, our development team will hopefully be able to find the source of the problem, and ultimately resolve it.

      Thanks in advance :)

  • E H

    I’ve been using viber on my iPad and working well until last night when I tried to put a photo on one of my contact’s profile:
    Now when I tab on viber icon, the picture that i tried to put in the profile will show up on the screen but nothing else-I can’ see my messages.
    The picture that shows up on the screen comes with a message saying “move and scale” which I can do but also “choose” and “cancel” which don’t work. So I am now stuck with a picture on the screen but unable to read my messages!

    • Viber


      Have you tried rebooting your iPad, and launching Viber again?
      Unfortunately, if this doesn’t work, then we would suggest to simply reinstall Viber (causing all message history to be deleted).

      Please note that Viber does not officially support iPads/iPods, and so we can’t guarantee full functionality.

  • Sara

    Does online shows up even if the person is not using the application…??
    Because it is happening with me.

    • Viber

      “Online” should be shown only if that contact has Viber opened on his/her phone.

      Please make sure both users have the latest version of Viber installed, and test it again. Does the problem persist?

  • guestpro

    Hello Im really enjoying the whole viber offer on all platforms. Just one question concerning the MacOS client. When will the app be updated with the right translations/localizations (e.g. german). And Im also missing the support for the Retina display on my macbookPro Retina. Please let me know when we can expect the new version :)

    • Viber


      Localized versions are planned for the future :) we’re working on it these days.

      About Retina display support – what exactly are you experiencing? Does Viber fail to view correctly on Retina, or it is just not sharp as Retina normally would be?

      • GuestPro

        Exactly it’s not a huge problem, but most of the icons are not sharp enough, which is kind of annoying :-) Im glad to hear that you are already working on the localized versions. Keep up the good work!

        • Viber

          We’ll look into the Retina issue, but we still can’t guarantee at this stage when it will be adapted to Retina.

          Thank you again for the kind words, and keep enjoying Viber :)

  • Awesomeguy

    Hey guys,
    Please please make an ipad compatible version.

    • Viber


      This is planned for the future, but unfortunately we still can’t guarantee when exactly it will be ready.

      Meanwhile, you should still be able to use Viber (overall) on your iPad, by downloading and installing from AppStore.

  • Kanthi

    Hi Ihave installed Viber 3.0 on my iPhone 5. I have the following issues:
    1. When I call my famly in India, I can barely understand what they are saying while they are able to hear me very well. I was on my cellular network and they are on the 3G. This has been very frustrating for me. I tried this from my home WiFi to the same results, unfortunately!
    2. I dont get a ring or vibration when a call or message comes in. Where do I set this up?
    3. Can we video chat using Viber?
    Thanks for the support!

    • Viber


      1. Viber’s call quality depends directly on the quality of internet connection on both sides of the conversation. Sometimes 3G reception could be low, and this is something we cannot control. Naturally this affects Viber’s call quality and results in disruptions and broken sound.We are continuously trying to improve our handling of 3G, so you can expect better performance as newer versions of Viber are released.

      Meanwhile, WiFi- WiFi calls on Viber should generally be very clear and are free of such disruptions.

      2. Have you made sure your Push Notifications are correctly configured? See this page for info:

      3. Unfortunately not yet, but video messages are available. You can find instructions here:—how-to-enable

    • Viber

      Hi again,

      We’ve been receiving recently complaints from our users in India, specifically from the following networks:

      – BSNL (Jammu & Kashmir)
      – Aircel (Jammu & Kashmir)
      – Reliance Telecom (Jammu & Kashmir)
      – Vodafone (Jammu & Kashmir)

      And it seems like those networks started blocking Viber.

      Does anyone have any information on this matter? Is there any way to contact those cellular companies and find it out?

      Best regards,

  • Daniel

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I have a problem with Viber I can’t figure out.
    Downloaded the app through Apple AppStore, but it could not get a internet connection to register when I tried too set up the app. I then tried to go on, but I could get a connection to the web page using my Wi-fi network. So neither my iPhone nor MacBook Pro can reach, and the iPhone can’t make contact with the app through my Wi-Fi network. If I switch to 3g it can make contact and I can access the webpage.

    I’m on a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X 10.6.8
    and an iPhone 3gs with iOS 6.1.3 using an Airport Express.
    I’m in Norway and my Internet provider is
    one of the biggest providers here and I haven’t found anything online thatwould suggest that they block viber. is the only web page I have come across that won’t load, so I really don’t understand what the problem could be and how I can fix it. Thanks in advance

    • Viber

      Hi Daniel,

      This is indeed strange – we also are not aware of any block of Viber in Norway.

      It could be that the network you are connected to is blocking Viber’s traffic.

      1. First, please try uninstalling and reinstalling Viber when connecting to a few different WiFi networks (in order to pinpoint the source of the problem). What are the results?
      2. Also, please make sure the following ports are enabled (“forwarded”) on your routers or firewalls:
      TCP: 5242 + 4244
      UDP: 5243 + 9785

      (if you are not sure how to enable ports, you may contact your router manufacturer or your Internet Service Provider)

      • Daniel

        As you also found it strange I thought I would just give you some feedback on what the problem was.

        Luckily I have a roommate that has a bit more knowledge about computers than me. Seems like the DNS-server I was connected to could not find or the app. So through some wizardry he set me up with an alternate server and it now works perfectly.

        The provider is called “Get” and is a big one in Norway. As I mentioned in the earlier post, I haven’t found anything on the web about similar problems, so don’t know if it was local problem on my network, or if it’s a problem across all Get subscribers.

        Thanks for your response

        • Viber

          Thank you for sharing this info – we will use it to help other users in Norway who might experience the same problem.

          Enjoy Viber ;)

  • Monica Manunta

    Since installing Viber 3.0 on my iPhone, the “hold” button is gone. Is there a way to get it back? I used it frequently during long-distance wifi calls with my fiancé (I’m in Italy, he’s in Florida), and since version 3.0 came, the quality of our calls has dwindled – we used to make 5-6 hours long calls without a glitch, and now we have a dropout every 35/45 mins (we’re on the same wifi networks as before, and I’m on iOs while he’s on Android). The only way to refresh the call is the “hold” button. I submitted a ticket to Viber help but got no reply so far…Any clues how to solve this, both the hold button and the dropouts issue? Thank you so much!

    • Viber

      Hi Monica,
      The “Hold” button was taken off since it was problematic at times. We are still not sure when we will have it restored.

      The problem here, however, is the fact that there is a dropout every 35/45 minutes for you, and this is something we’d like to take care of.

      Our Support system is temporarily down at the moment, but as soon as we’re back in action, we’ll respond to your ticket.

      If after several days you haven’t received a response from us, then we kindly ask that you open another ticket in order to refresh it in our systems.

      We apologize for the temporary inconvenience :/

      • Monica Manunta

        Thank you so much for getting back to me. If you need any technical details to look into the dropout issue, just let me know.

        • Viber

          Our pleasure to help.

          Our Support Team will probably ask you for details in the email conversation with them.

  • Judith

    Hi, Viber!
    I’m just wondering if there is a way for my analogue smileys to remain analogue. I recently updated my app for the latest one (to try out the Viber desk top), but I noticed that whenever I type “:)” now, it turns into a graphic smiley. Forgive me for being old school, but I would like my colon and closed parenthesis back. Is there a way to go back to the old times?
    Thank you so much!

    • Viber

      Thanks for your feedback.

      At the moment it is unfortunately not possible.

      Meanwhile, we invite you to enter our Feature Request page and post your suggestion there, or join an existing similar suggestion. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to integrate every suggested feature into Viber, but the more people join on a request, the faster it will become reality :)
      You can find it here:

      • Judith

        Thank you so much! :) It’s always nice to be heard.

        • milintha lakshan

          how to fix viber activation code maxximum entry ????tell me help me viber

    • milintha lakshan

      how to fix viber wrong pasword maxximum entry tell me help me

  • ram

    How to disable vibration on iphone when using head phones?

    • Viber

      Hi Ram!

      If you’re interesting in changing your iPhone settings you should ask it In iPhone forums .
      If you meant Viber’s settings – currently, Viber utilizes your phone’s main settings for volume and vibration, so if you want to change anything in Viber, you should change the settings of your phone itself. In the future, we plan to add settings that are specific only to Viber, and when we have about this we will publish it officially.

  • Suey

    Do I need the same WI-FI connection on both devices to start the conversation on my PC and continue the conversation from my mobile phone?

    • Viber

      Hi :)
      There’s no need in the same wifi connection :) You can use different ones!

      Feel free to ask us if you have any more questions :)

  • Rob

    Hey Viber,

    I don’t get ‘seen’ message delivery status anymore. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no change.

    I am on a samsung note 2 with the most up to date version of Viber.


    • Viber


      Does the destination user you are in touch with have the latest version of Viber installed?
      Which device do they have?

  • divejoy

    I find it impossible to use talk in Haiti. Im trying to talk from the US to Haiti but cant Nor can my frient from Haiti talk to me. Texting works fine.

    • Viber


      Sorry for our late response.

      Does the problem still persist?

      • bhim

        i don’t have smartphone but i have acer laptop windows 8 only, i like to active viber in my laptop i it possible? i try to active from bluestacks but could’t what should i d ? plese reply me ….

        kindly your regards

        • Viber

          Viber for Desktop cannot be installed if you do not have Viber on your phone. You can check here: to see if Viber is supported on your phone.

          Viber is not supported on bluestacks, so we are unable to assist you with that installation.

        • Viber


          In order to use Viber for Desktop, you must have Viber installed on your phone.

          Viber is not supported on Bluestacks, so we are unable to assist you with that activation.

  • gmov


    I was using viber on my android and mac air with a Finnish number. All working fine. I moved to Vienna and changed to an Austrian number. On the phone it works well. I deactivated the Finnish number on viber on the mac and when I try to activate the new number from Austria it does not let me even. It asks if I already have viber on my phone, I say yes and then it asks for the number. I type it and click next and then it sends me to a message that says I must have viber installed and to choose the system. I click on Android and sends me to google play and of course the website then says I already have viber installed. I reinstalled Viber on the mac, and still does the same. What shoud I do?
    Thanks in advance

    • Viber


      Please try to remove Viber from your Mac, reboot your Mac, then try to install Viber clean from our official homepage, at

      Does the problem persist?

  • Anandhu

    I downloaded the installation file which is of 1.MB for win7 PC, and clicked on Accept and Install. Then it shown “Downloading installation files…” and even after 5 hours still this window repeats. No sign of installation. I have repeated least 3 times but no use. what is the cause it taking this much time. is it an error or could i get a single package to install in PC without downloading it from internet.

    • Viber


      Please try rebooting your computer, then install Viber Desktop clean from our homepage, at

      If the problem persists, then we would appreciate if you could take a minute and report the details to our support team using this direct link: (when you submit the ticket, please make sure to specify the link to this page in the appropriate place in the form, for monitoring purposes). With this information, our development team will hopefully be able to find the source of the problem, and ultimately resolve it.

      Thanks in advance :)

    • Alex

      Click on the installation file with left mouse button and select install as administrator. I had the same problem.

  • Alex

    I can call with Viber from my computer but my messages are not working. I am using same number as on my Iphone. It used to work and it was synced with my phone when I installed it first time and then stopped.

    • Viber

      When you try to send messages, what error exactly do you encounter?

  • rekan

    hello can you send me code active i have laptop version viber me

  • Prakash Muthu-Krishna

    What is the timing for an update for Viber to be enabled on 2 or more Devices? Currently suggestions have been made to use a land line number to setup a 2nd account. How does the land line receive a return Code? What is the insistence that viber must be setup on a Pic? What access into my pic has viber got?

    • Viber

      Hi Prakash,

      Unfortunately we are not yet sure when exactly it will be possible to register the same Viber number on 2 different devices (other than Desktop).

      It is possible to receive an automatic call with the code (as opposed to an SMS) on your landline.

  • Mannol

    When we will see new version of viber for android?

    • Viber

      Soon :)
      We’re in the last stages of testing now, and we estimate it won’t take many weeks now.

  • Gabriel Gazdocka

    I have run install file as admin but it´s still downloading installation files for a long time (viber desktop). win 7. Any solutions?

  • Sara Rowland

    I have installed Viber on my PC and I can hear what other people are saying, but they can’t hear me. I have looked at my PC sound settings and the Viber audio settings but I can’t resolve this problem. It works fine on my android phone by the way.
    Any ideas?

    • Viber


      Do other, similar apps (that should be utilizing your PC’s microphone) work as expected?

  • lidia

    I downloaded the installation viber desktop for mac as admin but i can’t open it… its impossible to open after i installed it to the application.

    • Viber


      Are you seeing any specific error message?

      Please uninstall Viber, reboot your Mac, and download the latest version of Viber from our official homepage.

      Does the problem persist?

      • lidia

        hi viber,
        ya thx a lot…. it helps. i reboot my mac and installed it again and it works :)
        ve a good weekend :)

        • Viber

          Our pleasure to help!
          Keep enjoying Viber, and let us know if you ever have more questions/problems :)

  • macaroni

    I see my friends (and they see me) Online whenever I’m using my phone, even though I haven’t clicked on VIber at all. Why does this happen?

    • Viber

      Hi there,

      “Online” means that Viber is running in the foreground or background (the user is available for calls or messages).
      the phone has no internet connection, or the user manually used the
      “Exit” option inside Viber, then their status will change to “Last

      • macaroni

        I did not open Viber at all. When I double click on the Home button on iphone, I don’t see VIber running, but my friend still sees me as online. So why would it run in the background? To me, ‘online’ means I’m currently on the app (in the foreground) – this is how it is for every other app I’ve used (whatsapp, FB messenger, etc).

        • Viber

          In Viber, we see “online” as something else. “Online” in Viber means you are literally online (connected to the internet), and available to received calls and texts.

          If you choose the “Exit” option (inside Viber–>More tab), you will stop appearing as “online” to your friends.

          The “Viber” icon should not appear to you in the multi-tasking bar (double clicking the home botton) after you choose the “exit” button. If it does, please let us know.

  • Ana

    Hi. one of my viber contact unable to see seen status whenever i seen his message as well do I. We are both using version 4.0. I’m using iphone4S and he is using android phone. we tried to restore viber defaults and seen status was on.

    • Viber


      Is the “Seen” status on in both of your devices?

      If the problem persists, then

      we would appreciate if you could take a minute and report the
      details to our support team using this direct link:

      you submit the ticket, in the line called: “Through which channel did
      you submit your initial inquiry”, please make sure to choose “Technical

      Thanks in advance!

  • umar khan

    Hi m using viber android and viber desktop. i have a question that why viber desktop wont showing last seen or online status of my viber contacts?

    • Viber

      This feature is not yet available on Viber Desktop.

      We are considering to add it in future versions of Viber. We recommend that you stay tuned for news and updates.

  • Anacios

    While talking to someone over the phone with viber, suddenly shows for the other person i am talking with, that I am in another call while not me not the other side received any cellular call or any other things and also my line goes silent and the call was place on hold and i have to manually unhold and unmute the call. Please help me if is it a bug and did it happened to someone else , it happened to me 2 times now. Thank you( I have iphone 4GS and viber 4.1)

    • Viber


      We will need some more information from you. Please open a support ticket here: and a support agent will be in contact with you shortly.

      Be sure to include the following information:
      -Does this happen with other users, or is it specific to this one user?
      -What internet connection are you using?
      -If this is a new issue: have you recently updated your phone’s operating system?
      -For how long has this been occuring?


  • Gaaya

    Some of the stickers you have to pay for but it also says free on desktop. I have viber on my desktop (windows) and i cant seem to download any stickers!

    • Viber


      These stickers are only free on Viber for Desktop – they do not transfer to your phone once you get them on your computer.

      You can get the paid sticker packs on your computer by selecting the refresh icon in the sticker menu.


    i had viber on my windows 8.1 desktop app and also on my windows phone 7.5.then accidentally deleted my viber on my desktop.i then tried reinstalling it.but i never recieved a activation code.i followed the direction on the website for troubleshooting but no help.I MISS VIBER ON MY DESKTOP! :'(

    • Viber

      Hi Sarah,

      I’m sorry to hear that none of the steps that we provided online helped with your access code issue. Please open a support ticket at this link: for further assistance.

  • sunil

    Now my phone no is not activate because i am out of my country and i don`t have another sim card of this country. But i was using viber on the same phone set here before but the problem is i deactivated my viber account unknowingly . so how can i get a viber account while i dont have any phone no currently?

    • Viber


      Unfortunately there is no solution. Viber requires that you have an active, working phone number in order to register and activate your account. You will need to wait until you return to your country and have phone service in order to re-activate your Viber account.

  • Ramin

    Hi. I’m from Iran and i’ve been trying to activate Viber on my PC for a few days now. It’s working fine on my iPhone, but I haven’t received the activation code after numerous tries. What can I do?

    • Viber

      Hi Ramin,

      As a start, make sure that you are running the latest version of Viber on your mobile device. Also note that your activation code will come through as a Viber message from Viber.

      If you have still not received your code, please read this article for possible solutions:

      • Ramin

        Thanks for the reply.
        Done everything mentioned in the article, didn’t help.
        Guess I need to send a ticket.

  • shady

    The problem is
    The support team of five numbers Mobile ban me because of a technical error
    I’ve had my mobile it 8000 list of contact person’s name
    The reason for this error in the synchronization process and lack of activation of the figure
    When continued with the support team
    He promised to solve the problem and then returned and respond to ban people considered me and troublesome
    Variqami five
    I have sent five emails to the support team
    Each number email and this is what I expected, but it is required
    Support team annoyed me because of these emails and decided not solve my problem and not to respond graduate
    He needed someone who could communicate with them to resolve my problem when I suffered two months ago
    I relied heavily on the program in my work and my life
    Thank you

  • Solveig

    Aloha, Today I received a message on my PC that I did not get on Viber on my cell phone. I’m so glad I have Viber on my PC since I was feeling a little neglected. However, I don’t know why I did not get the message on my cell phone. Any ideas?

    • Viber

      Hi Solveig,

      It is possible that your phone lost internet connection at the time that the message was sent.

      If you still have not received the message to your mobile device, please open a support ticket here: so that we can look into it for you.

  • blablablakos

    Hello. I have a question. I have viber both on my android and my desktop windows 8. Unfortunately i have to factory reset my device.
    •Will the message history be gone in a fresh install?
    •What will happen to the desktop vesion message history?
    •How can i save and/or backup message history from desktop to synchronise with android after fresh install?

    ps1. i cant access the phone, only factory reset
    ps2. desktop version says “Save message history when exiting a conversation”

    • Viber


      Factory reseting your device will remove your call and message history. For information on how to back up your messages before reseting your phone, please read here:

      Your messages will be deleted from Viber for Desktop as well as your phone. However, backing up messages will save messages that were sent from your phone as well as from your computer. The messages automatically sync between phone and computer.

      If you have more questions, please contact our support team here:

      • blablablakos

        Ok, so it seems i had to erase user data, reflash factory rom, factory reset and my phone worked. So i reinstalled Viber (with all apps, phone is like fresh one). Got a new code from sms and yes my message and call history is removed. Yet i see all my conversations in desktop mode. Both windows 8 app and the one i downloaded from site. How is that possible? You say the data are saved in phone, so how can they be in desktop and not in phone? ;o

        • Viber

          Because you deleted Viber, but did not deactivate your account, your other accounts remained unaffected. This is expected Viber behavior.

          Only if you had you deactivated Viber would your account have been deleted off of Viber for Desktop and your tablet.

  • Muhammad

    Hi Viber, i am using both PC and mobile phone, my phone contacts has been synced correctly but when i am using the PC the contact list just shows ppl name it does not show their numbers .. how can i pick their numbers from pc ???

    • Viber

      Hi Muhammad,

      Contacts are only displayed by name on Viber for Desktop. If you wish to access a contact’s phone number, you will need to go into your phone and find the number.

  • clearshaven

    Hi Viiber, I am using Viber 5.0 and my ‘Online Status’ is turned on, however it s not completely visible.It appears to be too thin so it is not clearly readable.

  • mohammadkh

    I got the code for pc but it doesn’taccept my code…..what should I do?

  • fasiha

    how can change profile picture in viber for laptop

    • Viber


      Profile photos can only be updated on Viber on your mobile device. Once the photo is updated, it will sync over to your laptop.

  • Fariba

    is any version of viber compatible with mac os x 10.6.8???

  • becca

    Hello since ive put viber desktop im unable to do video call from viber on my android phone is that normal?

    • Viber

      Hi Becca,

      Please make sure that your Android phone supports video calls by reading here:

      If video calls are supported on your phone, please contact our support team here: so that we can get more information from you about this.

  • fatima

    halo viber how can i change profile picture on laptop viber

    • Viber


      Profile pictures can only be updated from your mobile device. You are not able to change the profile photo from your laptop.

  • fatima


  • Ali

    I downloaded viber for desktop but my message history didnt sync. could you please help?

  • fatima

    same problm ali

  • fatima

    hi viber..
    can i send video on desktop viber