Viber Android – Beta Version Review

Updated on July 20, 2011
Viber is available for download at Android Market.
If you want to know more about installation and activation process, please check out How do I install Viber?.

It took a while, but we finally received invitation mail for beta testers. Besides some general information regarding private beta period and few support links, it contains the link to form where you’ll have to fill in little bit more specific data, like exact device version and your phone number. After submitting it you’ll be forwarded to download page where you can download and install the viber.apk.
Installation procedure is like on the iPhone version, easy and straightforward. Just enter your phone number, and type in the activation code you received by SMS.

iPhone vs Android version
Why change something that is proven as good? So basically, Viber for Android is the same as the one for iPhone. Concept is the same, with slight Android like adjustments; buttons, arrows… Information about the missed calls and unread sms messages are also done in Android like way (icons on the top of screen). On Android version, you can set Viber as default call application! Right now it is not usable to much as the Viber itself is a only 6 months old project and there are not enough users on it, but still this is a cool feature.
When Viber is in background, incoming text message (SMS) on Android version will pop up in a small window. Unlike on iPhone, here you can type in your answer and send it without bringing the Viber to front. This popup can be disabled in Viber’s settings (under the “more” tab).
The settings view is also something what iPhone version currently does not have. There are only few settings to set: Enable popup, Contact images, Vibrate for messages and Vibrate dial-pad.
What is missing? Not much. There is no bluetooth support at all. We hope that this will be added in final version.

Bugs and issues
We are using Viber on HTC Desire S with Android 2.2, and we had no crashes or strange behaviors. It seems it is more stable than iPhone version which can crash from time to time. Really great experience.
On the known issues Viber’s page, there is a list of bugs that users reported. Mainly the issues which are already seen on iPhone version, like problems with activation code, sound quality etc.

As conclusion, we can only hope that we will not have to wait too much for final Android version.

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  • Mary Choi

    we spoke about this Viber works well for the IPhone and the beta version is now available for the android platform.


    • Yriley

      Hi please help. I have galaxy s2. I have installed and reinstalled viber many times. Out won’t sync to contacts and crashes constantly and freezes. What can I do?

      • Viber

        Please contact our support team at: and provide them with the specific details of your issue.

        • Yriley

          Hi thank you for responding but this link seems to only provide me with a search function. Viber used to work perfectly, now force close constantly. Is there an application that conflicts? Is it a phone issue? Someone please help cause I love viber! Or maybe u could tell me how to put in my question at helpme.viber…clearly I’m missing something. Thanks heaps! Galaxy s2 user

  • znutar

    I've tried to call other Viber users (iPhone4) from my Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.3) with the latest Viber and the other party cannot hear me. Something broken with the mic?

    • ViberTeam

      This is a known problem with some of our Galaxy users.
      We are working on a newer Beta version that will hopefully be release soon. Once released, please try it out and let me know if the problem still exists.

      • sylvain

        hi, i have also this problem so i wait the new release

      • sga

        I use official version from market and, i have also the same problem. there is an other beta version to test this?

        • ViberTeam

          All the people with the one-side voice problem:
          Are you using a custom ROM on your Android, or stock ROM?

          • Dargor

            A custom ROM, but I haven't this issue with others VoIP programs… and it's from calls dialed without viber

          • ViberTeam

            At this stage, we don't support custom ROMs with Viber (we might add support for *SOME* ROMs in the future). Running Viber on a customized ROM results in various side effects, some of which are severe, but unfortunately we can't afford to support ALL those ROMs at this stage. You might want to contact the ROM developers and ask if any adaptations could be made there in order to support Viber.

          • walid abou arraj

            hi,.. then how this problem could be solved? how to change the ROM,… r we able to use viber anytime soon?

          • ViberTeam

            We are working these days on adapting Viber to custom ROMs, but we can't promise anything. Essentially, it's the ROMs' "fault", so you need to contact the ROM developers.

    • Tech

      You have to push speaker loud to active mic.

  • ahmed

    when you will make it works for asus transformer (honycomb)??????

    • ViberTeam

      Have you tried it? Does it not work?
      Please elaborate on the problem.

  • Rajesh

    I am using HTC Incredible S. Viber got downloaded from the android market, but it did not install. I am not sure what happened.

    • ViberTeam

      Can you elaborate on the problem more specifically?

  • Alvin

    Installed on my Samsung GS2. Asked for my phone number so an activation SMS will be sent to me.Waited but no activation SMS at all.Please help.

  • ViberTeam

    1. What country are you located in? What cellular network?
    2. Did you try the "No Code" button, in order to get the automated call?

  • Thomas Moa Yii Sun

    Installed Viber on my Samsung Galaxy S this morning, noticed that battery drain is pretty awful. Is this because it's a beta version or is there something i have to do in settings.

    • ViberTeam

      Battery consumption shouldn't be bad on Galaxy S (we tested it many times here in our labs).
      Are you sure it was Viber that caused it? Did you reboot your device, isolated Viber and made sure that was the cause for your battery drain?

  • henry lim

    i using samsung galaxy sl, when i accept call or make calll from viber it will direct cut off/calling failed… pls help…

    • ViberTeam

      1. After how long?
      2. Does it happen on ALL calls?
      3. Do you have a customized ROM, or stock standard ROM?
      4. Are you using Viber on 3G or WiFi?

      • Fritzi77

        hello we have the same problem..
        1. after 2 rings it stops
        2. yes on all calls
        3. what is the difference
        4. on both it doesnt work

        thanks for helping :)

        • ViberTeam


          1. What country are you located in? Does this happen to any other friends of yours?
          2. Do you also have Galaxy SL?

  • Richard

    I downloaded Viber to my Galaxy S2 and got the SMS code but I didn't need to input it anywhere and the calls seem to work OK without using the code – am I missing something?

    • ViberTeam

      Nope. Android knows to take the code you received and automatically feed it to Viber – thus Viber starts running immediately after you get the code.

      So – enjoy Viber, you're good to go :)

  • aron

    hi, i tried installing viber on my samsung galaxy s but could not make it work. Application keeps on crashing, there is an error log though, will send it if needed.

    • ViberTeam

      Are you using a custom ROM, or stock ROM?
      Which Android version?

      • aron

        sorry, how would i know if I have a custom ROM or a stock ROM..?
        is the android version the firmware version as well? if so then 2.1-update1

        • ViberTeam

          If you don't know about it, then you probably don't have a custom ROM installed.
          Anyway – please send us an email with the logs, and all the relevant information (device, android version, anything else you think is important) and we will investigate your problem:

  • gues

    hello i installed viber on my galaxy s2 and i saw that even if i close the program completely it starts up on itself!!

    after like say some minutes that is horrible!!!

    how can i make it so that viber does not start up on its own?

    if its impossible please re write the code and deploy a update so it can!

    • ViberTeam

      We are working on a new feature of "Exit" button. It will be ready hopefully within a week.

  • Rishit

    i am not able to register my number again after the data erasing of my phone.. i m not receiving the code either by sms or by call.. pls help..
    Rishit k_ +91 7600xxxxxx

    • ViberTeam

      Please try erasing Viber, waiting 24 hours and reinstalling.

      If it still doesn't work, let me know.

  • Zobat

    Cant download from market on my desire with cm-7 nightly.

  • ViberTeam

    Clean cache, reboot your phone, and check in Market again (search for "Viber").
    Many times Viber doesn't appear at the top of the search results, so make sure to scroll down and see it.

  • shashireddy

    cannot see viber on market ( even after cleaning cache, reboot phone by checking 'viber', pls help….
    also tried to down load from desktop….

    • ViberTeam

      What device are you using?

  • Vincent

    Used to have the pop-up for me to select to use Phone or Viber to make call. I accidentally selected phone as a default to make call and now I can't get the pop-up again for me to choose Viber or Phone to make call. Tried uninstall and re-installed..still no pop-up. Any help?

    • ViberTeam

      Go to Home–> Settings –> Applications –> Viber

      There you will find the "Clear Defaults" button. Click it, and the problem will be fixed.

      • Vincent

        Already tried the "Clear Defaults" button. It is greyed out. Can't click it. It is still default to using Phone to make calls rather than have the pop-up to choose Phone or Viber. BTW, I'm using HTC Desire S.

  • ViberTeam

    You are referring to the button called "Phone" at the bottom of the screen, yes?

    Then that's a bug in the phone itself (in Android). This button clears the default selection – we've just tested it here in our labs with a Desire S to make sure of that. After we cleared the default, "Phone" button gave us the option to choose "Phone" or "Viber" again.

    • Vincent

      Yes. How do I clear the default and have the option to choose "Phone" or "Viber" again?? As mentioned in the previous post, the "Clear Default" in Viber are greyed out on my Desire S and can't click.

      • ViberTeam

        I've already replied above to this question:

        It sounds like a bug in the phone itself (in Android). The "Clear Defaults" button that you already clicked clears the default selection – we've just tested it here in our labs with our Desire S to make sure of that. After we cleared the default, "Phone" button gave us the option to choose "Phone" or "Viber" again.

        • Vincent

          When you test the function, did you select "Phone" as default or "Viber" as default? I selected "Phone" by accident instead of "Viber" and can't get the selection pop-up after that.
          Thanks for testing it out.

          • ViberTeam

            You selected "Phone" as default.

            You are right, we couldn't find a way to switch it back to Viber ourselves.
            You'll have to contact some developers in HTC forums and ask for the solution – we really don't know unfortunately. This still is a bug in Android, since it doesn't let you revert its own option.

          • Vincent

            Ok. Thanks a lot. Appreciate your help and support. Keep up the good work.

    • Fadyghobrial

      In the “Manage Applications”, search for “Dialer” not “Phone”. Then, “Clear Defaults”. This worked on my HTC Sensation. Hope this helps.

  • @agmflores

    hi. i would like to ask if viber is compatible with samsung galaxy sl using stock ROM android 2.2 touchwiz3.thanks in advance_

    • ViberTeam

      Yes, it should work just fine.
      Try it out and let us know.

  • Graham

    I installed Viber on Galaxy Ace and it crashed my phone??

    • ViberTeam

      We tested Viber on Galaxy Ace here in our lab, and it works just fine.
      Try removing Viber, rebooting your phone, and reinstalling.

      If the problem persists, then it's some kind of problem with your Android.
      Do you have a custom ROM? Do you have other apps colliding with Viber?

  • Baretta

    Hi there, want to know is it work on Xperia Arc ? and now is Beta version then when will the final version coming out ?

    • ViberTeam

      We have yet to test Viber specifically on Xperia Arc, but we haven't gotten reports of any special problems with it. Please try it out and let us know!

      The beta version will become public once we feel that enough positive feedback has been received and after we fix as much bugs as we can. We still don't have an exact release date.

  • Richard

    HI, i have installed Viber on HTC Wildfire S with no customisation and anyone i call cannot hear me, everything else seemss to be working though.

    • ViberTeam

      HTC Wildfire and HTC Hero are currently unavailable in Market, and that is because we got reports of severe problems from Viber users with both these devices.

      However, we decided that to make it available for manual download at:

      Wildfire is quite an obsolete device, and unfortunately problems with Viber are immanent :(

      • Richard

        The WildfireS is fairly new, or is it the same hardware?

        • ViberTeam

          If it's causing problems, it probably has similar characteristics to the regular Wildfire.

          However, we will look into the problem you are describing, and will try to handle it soon.

          • Richard

            That would be great, thanks for your help.

  • Nadeem

    Hi im using Viber on my Samsung Galaxy S. and it keeps on crashing after sometime… and freezes my phone.. I often have to remove the battery, put it back and restart the phone…Its quite annoying ;(

    • ViberTeam

      We haven't gotten this complaint before from Galaxy S users, and it sounds as if the cause of the problem isn't Viber at all.

      Please make sure you are not using a custom ROM, or a different app, that collides with Viber. This problem should not keep happening after you reformat your Android.

  • ssnkssnk


    I recently downloaded (Aug 2011) Viber for my Samsung Galaxy S2 and also for my daughter’s HTC Incredible S (both running gingerbread 2.3).

    The problem with Viber on both of our set up is that phone doesnt ring on incoming calls. We can make outgoing calls without any problems. I have checked everything I could check to make sure that volume, notification are all turned on.

    Are we aware of this bug? Any solution?

    • Viber


      1. Are you both using stock ROMs, or custom ROMs?
      2. Can you think of any other app that’s taking a hold of your sound configuration, thus not allowing Viber calls to initiate the sound? (for example, did you try reboot your devices, makings sure ALL apps are shut off, and then test an incoming Viber call?)
      3. Does this problem occur in all scenarios? both when Viber is running in the background and when it’s in foreground?

  • cecichu

    I’m using HTC Sensation and recently got Viber being downloaded. It keeps on sending me SMS on the activation code even I’ve activated my account and deactivated my account. It’s really annoying

    • Viber

      Please try the following:
      1. Deactivate Viber.
      2. Wait 24 hours (not less).
      3. Only then try reinstalling again and see if the problem persists.

      Please let me know of the results.

  • Penny

    I’ve installed Viber on my new HTC sensation. It was working fine for 2 days but it started crashing thereafter with the following message: –

    “The application Viber (process comviber.voip) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”

    I’ve tried uninstalling and installing many times but the same happened again and again. The message repeats every half a minute and it’s annoying. I had to uninstall before it stops prompting.

    Please help. I’m quite dependent on Viber for my communications with my sons. Thank you Viber team.

    • Viber

      Did you install anything recently that might have collided with Viber?
      Did you send crash logs to us (there should be such option right after Viber crashes)

      • Penny

        I’m not sure what could be the colliding apps.

        I’ve sent in the crash log just before this email. Please check.

        • Viber

          We’ll certainly look into it and see if we can learn anything.

          If we can’t, would you be willing to help us run more through tests? (this will include installing a special test-version on your device, and sending us more advanced logs).

          • Penny

            Yeah, sure.

            Thank you so much. Hope I can be of help to solve this problem.

          • Viber


            Please contact us via email at and elaborate on the problem.
            If you could reproduce the bug and add the logs to that email, it would be very helpful and save time.

            Thank you!

          • Penny

            I’ve replied to your mail asking for procedures to generate more error logs.

          •محمود-فلفل/100002072347306 محمود فلفل

            and i am also have the same problem with MID Chinese tablet , please tell me how can i solve it .

          • Viber

            Viber for Tablets is not yet officially compatible. It should be within a few weeks, so we recommend you to install Viber 2.1 once it is released.

      • Keith

        I have exactly the same problem with galaxy s2. Had to exit the application completelybut it may still cause crashes. Was wondering was it due to the sns applications like whatsapp and facebook

        • Viber

          We have heard that when people has removed some apps Viber managed to work properly but this is *NOT* an official solution of Viber Media.

          However, in few weeks we are going to release a new Viber version with a lot of bug fixes and new features, and maybe that will resolve your issue (we will be happy to hear from your experience).

  • Onlyre16

    I have TMobile G1 phone running Android and I can’t get it to download onto my phone.

    • Viber

      What happens when you try to download?
      Can you be more specific on the problem?

  • Wail250

    I have MB300 and I can hear people very well but they cannot. I have android 2.2.1.
    any help please

    • Viber

      What do you mean when you say that “they cannot” ?
      They can’t hear you at all?

      What device are you using? Are you using a custom ROM?

  • Israel

    hello, i have samsung galaxy s2, stock room 2.3.4, and i using wifi to call my friends, the problem is that if they answer me, they cannot hear me and i cannot hear them, and after 2 sec the call ends, my friends use ipad 2, and if i try to call again while there’s ipad is not locked they can hear me and it’s ok, i tried to uninstall and install but still the same.
    if my friends call me its perfect.

    • Viber

      I’m not sure I understood the problem to the fullest…

      So what is the problematic scenario? Is there only one such scenario?

      • Mscorpe

        the problem is when i call someone, i cant hear other side and they cant hear me and the call ends after 4 sec, only when they calling me its working fine

        • Viber

          Are you using Viber on WiFi or 3G?
          Did you try calling other people using Viber? Is it the same?

          • Mscorpe

            wifi, yes, i tired to call other people that using viber ,they have ipad 2. i tired right now to call to other friend that have sg2 like me and its working fine so i think the problem is only when i try to call people that have ipad 2

          • Viber

            So it seems as though the problem is with the iPad2, and not your phone ;)

            Let’s make sure of that: please tell your friend with iPad2 to call other Viber users. Does he have this problem ALL the time?

          • Mscorpe

            i recheck and the problem is with my gs2 and not with the ipad 2, in the last week i had problem with evrey viber user (not matter which device) that i tried call to.
            this is the same problem and it happened randomly: when i try to call other viber user , they cant hear me and i cant hear them …. only when they call me its works perfect.

          • Mscorpe

            someone ?

          • Viber

            Sorry for the detailed response.

            – Are you using a custom ROM?
            – Are you sure it has nothing to do with your internet connection?

          • Mscorpe

            i am using stock rom 2.3.4 and not custom rom , ther is no problem with my internet connection, all other programs in my sgs2 work perfectly fine (include sky btw) , i tried from another wifi network but still the same problem.

          • Viber

            Hmm… this really leaves me out of ideas. To be honest, I don’t think we’ve encountered such bugs on stock ROMs on SGS2.

            The best suggestion I can give you is to:
            1. contact our support team at and see if they can offer you better solutions.
            2. simply wait for Viber 2.1 that’s coming out in several weeks.

            Except for that – unfortunately there is not much we can do :(

          • Raja Faheem Saeed

            i have this exact same problem i’m using HTC hero and the other party is using Galaxy s i can hear them clearly but they can’t hear me. Viber was working fine for me in beta phase and after that but suddenly it stopped working like two days ago

          • Viber

            This problem could be caused by 2 different factors:
            1. You’re using a custom ROM.
            2. Something in your HTC Hero is not fully compatible with Viber.

            About the second option we alert our users in our “supported device” page at

            At any rate – we are trying to work on adapting Viber to obsolete devices such as Hero and Wildfire. We hope to have updates soon.

          • Raja Faheem Saeed

            Yes i am using a Custom ROM but the point here is it was working PERFECT before through out beta testing and even after final release why it suddenly just stopped ?
            And what could that be ? An app or something i’ll check the logs and match the timing of recently downloaded with the time Viber stated to create issues i’ll definitely post here if i find something.

            But guys please fix Viber issues with custom ROMs and HTC hero at least

          • Viber

            We are working on it, trust us :)

            Hero is quite an obsolete device, so it might take a little while (we have other, critical tasks to complete), but we’ll attend to Hero soon.

  • Alarc

    i mistakely deactivated my viber account, i tried to activate it again by using the same code but it is not accepting. What is the solution??

    • Viber

      Remove Viber, wait 24 hours (at least), then try installing again.
      You should get a code that’s different from the one you got last time.

  • Mary Formoney

    I just got Viber from the Android Market a few days ago. I’m loving it in general – however, I have no option to disable the vibrate alert on incoming messages. My Settings choices skip straight from ‘Show all contacts’ to ‘Vibrate dialpad’ to ‘Show notification icon’. This is a bit of an issue as I will be sharing a room with someone in the near future, and don’t want to keep them up at night with my texting – so I would love to have an option to disable all sounds and vibrations from the app.

    • Viber

      Unfortunately, such a feature is not planned at the moment.

      However, turning off Android’s sounds (in general Settings), makes Viber silent as well. I assume that if you don’t want to wake your roommate up with alerts for cellular call/texts, then the same goes to Viber. Then simply turn off Android’s sounds.

  • goodgdn

    I have installed viber on my samsung galaxy s. It is working fine. However, whenever I make a call (either on viber or the phone) the music player is turned on in the background and keeps running even after the call is finished. This is a drain on the battery and I have to go each time after a call and turn off the music player. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

    • Viber

      This was a known issue, that was solved long ago. I wonder how you’re still getting this bug…

      1. Did you make sure you downloaded the latest Viber version from Market?
      2. Are you talking about Android’s native music player?
      3. Do you have a custom ROM installed? Which Android version do you have?

      • goodgdn

        Thanks Viber for your prompt reply. The answers to your questions are:

        1.The Viber version is the latest and it has been updated several times since I installed it.
        2. Yes the music player installed in the phone.
        3. The ROM is not custom installed but as it came with the phone. I have the Android 2.1-update1.

        I hope that you can help us. I know of others who have the same issue with Viber.

        • Viber

          As you can see in our list of supported devices:

          Viber officially supports Android 2.2 and 2.3 for your device – that’s probably the reason you are experiencing this bug. If you upgraded your Android, this bug would probably be solved. You have the option of upgrading, but of course that’s your choice.

          • goodgdn

            Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to make a bug fix for this problem in Android 2.1? There are many users still using the 2.1.

          • Viber

            In fact, the number of users who have Android 2.1 on their Galaxy devices is quite small.

            Unfortunately, at this stage developing full support for OS 2.1 on Galaxy is not planned :(
            I recommend you to look into upgrade to 2.2 or 2.3. It will help you regardless of using Viber.

  • Lvlr Do0m

    when i Talk with viber vibrate during the can i solve that?

    • Viber

      Are you getting messages, or receiving anything to your phone? Viber doesn’t have any triggers to Viber during calls.

      Please try removing Viber and reinstalling.

  • Soubhizaitoun


    i used to have the X10i but i just changed my mobile and got the HTC sensation so i wasn’t able to activate the account and i don’t have the activation code so what can i do in order to restore the old code…
    Please advice

    • Viber

      If you still remember the old code – please enter it when you register.
      If you don’t, remove Viber, wait 24 hours, then reinstall and register again (try both the SMS and the automated call).

      If it still doesn’t work, please contact our support team at

  • Josip Marich

    hi i have samsung galaxy mini, and i recieve messages only when someone calls me, and i recieve them all at once…. any solutions?

    • Josip Marich

      ou and when someone calls me somteimes doesn’t even ring…..

      • Viber

        Are you using a custom ROM?
        Which version of Android are you using?

        • Josip Marich

          hello, i am using original mobile rom. android version is 2.2 thank you very much!

          • Josip Marich

            it seems that viber gets internet access only when someone calls me, and than i get all the messages….

          • Viber

            Just to make sure, is the full name of your device Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 ?

          • Josip Marich

            yes that’s correct, samsung galaxy mini S5570

          • Viber

            Hmmm… we don’t know any special problem with Mini. It’s hard for me to pinpoint the source of the problem.
            Please try the following:
            1. Remove Viber and reinstall. Try it again.
            2. Check your internet connection and try Viber on both WiFi and 3G.
            3. Try to receive Viber messages when Viber is open on the foreground. Does it work now?

            If it still doesn’t work after all these steps, please contact our support team at and elaborate on your problem.

          • Josip Marich

            well when viber is working in foreground than it seems to be fine…. but when it works in background than i have this issue…. i only get messages when i open viber in foreground or if someone call me… i was thinkig that issue is in my gsm provider, but in foregeound works fine…. so i don’t know what the problem is….

  • Jennifer Sy Youn

    I use iPhone 4 and when I make a call on viber, I don’t hear anything whereas person on the other side can hear my voice. How do I fix this?

    • Jennifer Sy Youn

      I actually mad the first phone call alright but the connection got bad. When I tried to make a call ever since, I can’t hear a thing. The person I was making the call uses samsung galaxy s, if it makes a difference. Also, she can’t see me on her viber list even though I see her. She’s in Korea whereas I’m in Canada. Does that make a difference? She tried to put +1 and my number still doesn’t work.

      • Viber

        First, please make sure the problem is not only between you two (both sides need to try Viber calls with other people as well).

        Secondly, please make sure both sides are connected to a high-speed, stable network. You can try this by connecting to different WiFi networks, thus isolating the problem.

        After running these tests we might be able to identify the source of the problem. At any rate – the fact that you are half a world away makes no difference :)
        Viber works anywhere, as long as both sides have Viber and are connected to the internet.

  • Stuti0019

    I have iphone 4 with viber 2.0.4 installed on it. I am unable to hear the caller’s voice. even if i call i cannot hear the other person. whereas, I can hear the caller WHEN I TURN ON THE SPEAKER, BUT NOT ON THE RECEIVER. I have re installed it 4- 5 times.. still the same problem is bugging me. Please i need help asap

    • Viber

      Hmmm… is your iPhone jailbroken?

      We are not aware of such problem with iPhones, but we recommend you to wait (probably a few weeks) for our new version that’s coming up – Viber 2.1

  • sean

    hi i have a samsung galaxy indulge and i cant get the sms for the code pls help me

    • Viber

      There is a known problem in some countries with inability to receive our code. We are trying to fix that, but it seems to us like a problem with the cellular providers themselves.

      Meanwhile, please try removing Viber, wait 24 hours, reinstall and try again (make sure you try both the SMS and the automated call options).
      If you still receive nothing, contact our support team at and give them the details of the problem.

  • Wan_ikram92

    Hi does viber compatible with sony erickson w8?

    • Viber

      To be frank, we haven’t thoroughly tested Viber on that device yet (due to the fact that it’s still quite rare in the market worldwide), but we assume that it should generally work fine, with some potential incompatibility issues.

      We’d love for you to test it and let us know if anything goes wrong.

  • Guest

    how to change the default ringtone on viber?

    • Viber

      This option is not available yet but it’s in our agenda for future releases.

  • Maryam-iqbal

    How to turn off the annoying music off in viber?

    • Viber

      As stated above, we are considering this feature right now.
      Note that if you turn off you regular phone sounds, Viber will be silent as well.

  • Mcgurl92

    its really annoying that viber sounds dont turn off on IPhone unless you put ur phone on silent, and recently my silent switch has stopped working.. so now it goes off and i cant turn the sounds off.
    any idea on when this update will be implemented??

    • Viber

      These feature is under discussions at the moment.

  • Jayhvasani

    viber is not working in android. error is coming like, viber is unavailable or blocked. what to do

    • Viber

      There can be more than one reason to this error message, please try to restart the app and if that doesn’t help please contact our support team at:

  • Sam

    First i would like to thank the Viber team for such a great program.

    Now, am experiencing an interesting problem, I have called 3 diferent people with different smarthphones, they all seem to communicate smoothly through viber, how ever:
    When i call then or they call me, they can hear my voice loud and clear but i can’t hear theirs?

    I have a HTC legend

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    • Viber

      Hi Sam, does this happen both on WiFi and 3G?

      • Boris

        the same problem as Sam has..the others can hear me but I can’t

        Samsung Galaxy S (android 2.2)

        happening on wifi and also 3G.

        • Viber

          Boris/Sam – please email us at and elaborate on the problem. We might ask you for logs in order to better understand the problem and hopefully help you fix it soon.

          Thank you in advance!

  • IBC


    There seems to be a problem with Viber on Android. It happens both with my HTC Desire (Android 2.2) and SGS2 (Android 2.3) (country: Spain)

    When you call someone or someone calls you, Viber won’t ring. After the call it does display the missed call message but only occasionally rings. I tried both on 3G and WiFi, same thing.

    Hope you can help. Thanks.

    • Viber

      Hi @IBC,
      Please try to restart Viber. If this doesn’t help please contact our support team at: for further assistance.

  • Funny Jokey

    I am using HTC Dream android 2.1 version and Viber, the annoying this is when viber is running in background and i receive a GSM/Viber call. I can hear the play back music in background which is very disturbing. Is it my phone issue or Viber ? How can i cancel playback music in background on Viber ?

    • Viber

      Unfortunately, Viber does not officially support HTC Dream yet, and that’s because it’s quite a rare device. That is probably the reason for the problem you are experiencing.We might be adding full support in the future, but for now there is not much we can do :(

      We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Subotni

    I installed Viber on samsung galaxy apollo (5800).
    Android 2.1
    No problems with installation.

    I mangaged to make a vibercall with someone using Ipod. But nothing else.
    Several tests show
    – even when I see ‘ringing’, the other persons’s phone is not ringing
    After I few seconds they see ‘missed call
    – this also happens when viber is definitely active
    – same happens the other way around.

    we both use same type of phone.
    Is this a known issue?

    • Viber

      As you can see in our list of supported devices, Viber unfortunately does not officially support Apollo, and this may be the source of the problem you are describing :(

      The problem you are describing may be caused only when Viber is running in the background (as opposed to when it’s open on the foreground). Please try the later option, and see if the call shows up on your screen then.

      Also, please try uninstalling Viber, rebooting the phone then reinstalling (also tell your friend to do it). Did this help?

  • Michi

    why other cannot heard my sound during i call them ?

    • Viber

      Please try to uninstall, then download the latest version of Viber on both sides.
      Does it work now?

  • Ratz Andras86

    Where can i change the incomming call music?
    And is there a way to see on the lock screen if there is an incomming call?
    Cause I have a HTC DHD, and last time I just heard a noise from the phone but I didn’t know what is it, even after I unlocked the screen. I only saw on the notification bar that the Viber icon is different then usual.

    • Viber

      1. Changing Viber’s ringtone is a feature we plan to add in the future.
      2. After you unlock your phone, do you see a Viber notification notifying you that there’s a missed call or a received text?

    • Viber

      1. Changing Viber’s ringtone is a feature we plan to add in the future.
      2. After you unlock your phone, do you see a Viber notification notifying you that there’s a missed call or a received text?

  • Emre

    I’m using the latest version of iPhone viber and ever since I started using viber I cant help notice annoying app locking/blocking on incoming or outgoing text messages. whenever a message comes or goes while I was on the messaging screen app gets unresponsive… :( cant you please make the message handler class run on a separate thread????
    plus as a feature req. could you please make it possible to sent or received pictures able to save on camera roll???


  • Dude123

    I’m using the iphone 4 with the version of viber however when i call someone i cant hear them, but they can hear me, the only way to hear them is turning on Speaker, what can i do and how can i fix this problem. i have tried installing it like 5 times and it still does not work

    • Viber

      We’re about to release a new version – 2.1.3 with many fixes.
      Once available, please make sure you and the other side install it and see if the issue is resolved.

  • Ilpankov

    Hi Ivo here. I have Samsung Galaxy S when I’m using Viber for a call I could barely hear even though the sound quality is perfect. Any ideas?

    • Viber

      1. Did you try using Viber on different WiFi networks?
      2. What phone and OS version does the other side use?
      3. Are any of you using a custom ROM?

      • Ilpankov

        it does no matter what wifi network I’m using it’s all the same. Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2.1 and the other side is using the same OS but Galaxy S II. I have a friend with the sane phone as me with the same problem.

        • Viber

          Hmm… we haven’t encountered a similar problem from Galaxy users so far.

          Please contact our support team and elaborate on the problem:

  • Serdar Altin

    I am using Acer Liquid E with android OS 2.1…I can hear clearly but my friends told me that they cant her my voice clearly…what can be the solution ?