Viber 2.3 – The Christmas App for Winter Fun

There was no question about it – the Viber app factory has been preparing a one-of-a-kind Christmas surprise for all its fans out there. With the first days of official winter, it launches a brand new version of its extremely popular mobile communication platform.

Viber 2.3 is available for both Android and iPhone devices, and it comes just in the right time. As always, new version means 100% new and/or improved features. This time, Viber has focused on fun, fun, fun. The ultimate Viber 2.3 offers you a variety of additional elements to incorporate into your text and photo messages. The most important change in function and appearance is the new slide message menu. Users will now be able to show their moods and emotions while messaging, and do so in a very inventive way. In addition to classic emoticons, the new Viber app includes digital stickers that really make a statement.

viber 2.3

Other interesting and useful features include: ”send location” which allows users to share geographic locations, that is, maps; a new and improved user interface, and, only in the Android version, an option to leverage the already existing ringtones and message tones for all communication happening on Viber. Let us not forget new group conversation experience that now supports up to 40 participants, and the fresh new look of Viber on iPhone iOS 5 and 6, including the keypad.

As we move closer and closer to another new year, communications industry is really reaching its full economic potential. In 2012, Viber Media has recorded significant growth, and the trend is expected to continue in the incoming year as well. Since the first launch of this amazing application, Viber creators have paid much attention to continual development and renewal of its features. This Christmas, Viber is being updated to version 2.3, which, obviously, aims at the young adult audience. The latest pack of features highlights the importance of fun and easiness in both call conversations and texting, which will, undoubtedly, appeal to its desired target market.

Every time Viber introduces something new and attractive, it brings it closer to its competition. This time, Viber has clearly set a goal to make it big time, bigger than ever before, in only few years of its existence on the market.

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  • Boky

    Please could you tell me does it with this last update you change that pictures can not send direct from gallery? Before Viber was in option “share” in galery, now isnt?

    • Viber

      Hi Boky,
      What phone are you using? Which version of operating system?

      • Boky

        Hi i am using htc desire s, but its same thing on galaxy s3, sony miro, ali in android. Viber is no longer in option “share” in gallery

        • Viber

          Viber currently does not integrate with Android’s native contact list unfortunately. In future versions we hope to bring back this feature, and once we have news we’ll let you know.
          We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

          • Joel

            have the same problem as boky with my samsung galaxy y. hope this can be fixed very soon. thanks.

      • sara

        I have the same problem of not able to send photos directly from gallery as there is no share option

        • Viber

          Viber currently does not integrate with Android’s native contact list unfortunately. In future versions we hope to bring back this feature, and once we have news we’ll let you know.
          We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

  • Boky

    Problem not fix with update to 2.3.1., in viber I have to scroll through all pictures in gallery to find last picture i want to send. Little problem to do every time

    • Viber

      Thank you for the report of the problem.

      We kindly ask that you take a minute and report the details of the problem to our support team using this direct link: (when you submit the ticket, please make sure to add the URL of our conversation). With this information, our development team will hopefully be able to find the source of the problem, and ultimately resolve it.

      Thanks in advance :)

  • batjargal Jargalsaikhan

    Do you guys know how to activate VIBER with Mongolian number… they can receive a voice message. but text message didn’t came. One time the voice code worked and when we tried to use viber again it’s asking for access code again? Help me? What should i do?

    • Viber

      Please try removing Viber, wait 24 hours, reinstall and try again (make sure you try both the SMS and the automated call options).

      In addition, you may try to register to Viber with a different number (for example – your home landline number, a friend’s number, etc.), in order to determine whether the problem is specific with your number, or a general one.

  • Farzad

    i can call anyone and hear them so well, they would also hear my voice, but my voice would be sent so bad for them and it looks digitalized, so they can’t really hear me!, and it is when my other friends from the same WIFI network can talk on viber without any problem ?! i ‘m in Iran(but the networks which i am using are not blocked + i have tried other networks and i have reinstalled viber several times). i use a “Freelander PD10 GSM tablet” now which supoort 2 simcard (i know that u are not officially supporting tablets yet, but i have had viber on many of my tablets and it works on all well. i just can’t understand where the problem can be? Tango,Yahoo,Oovoo and other voice related apps are working so well, so there should not be anything wrong with my Mic or HW, and viber would get easily installed and registered on my tablet and i can make calls and messages with no problem either, showing that the app is working too, and i can hear others well, but my voice(only from viber) will go like a robot talking for everyone else. my android version is 4.0.4 and i really really love this app and i really need ur help as everything seems just fine but i got problem on outband voice quality.please gimme an idea.

  • Shamim Al Mamun

    from other side they can hear my voice very clearly ….. but they can’t hear mine that much clear….. please help

    • Viber


      We are not entirely sure we understand the problem. Please try to explain again.