The Sticker market is now open for Windows Phone 8 users!

Good news for Windows Phone 8 users: Viber Media Inc. released a new version of Viber!
Guys in Viber Media Inc. got feedback from their users; their wishes, requests, problems… And the result is here: version 4.0!
Windows Phone 8 ver. 4.0 - Sticker Market is now open
First of all, they opened The Sticker market: more than a 1000 stickers are available for free download and/or to buy. Beside the funny stuff in the Market, new version of Viber also includes serious improvements like resuming and loading app’s speed and push notification delivery. Missing features like “Seen” and “Last Online” statuses are now also included. Another good thing is ability to hide notification content – a must have feature!

There are lot’s of improvements, added features and bug fixes in new verison…and accordingly to the most of users, they did a good job. Bad news: some features, like Viber Out are still missing. That’s something guys in Viber Media Inc. are probably preparing for us in the near future.
Stay tuned and we’ll bring you the good news!

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  • kevin

    can viber take over my phone number so i can dump my carrier??? or dump carrier and still keep same # with viber indefinatly.?? thank you!!

  • Roma

    Can I proceed to make a ViberOut call without having the need for WiFi connection or without having my data running? I need to know before I purchase any Credits. Thank You!

    • Viber

      Hi Roma,

      Viber requires a strong and stable internet source. You must have a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection in order to use Viber and Viber Out.

  • Hafsa Tanvir

    Plz Help Me!
    I want to Download Stickers in Viber But I Can’t Because Sticker Market not Workng :'( Is It Block In UAE ??

    • Viber

      Hey Hafsa,

      Unfortunately, there is a block in the UAE. This means that many users are unable to use Viber at all and it is the reason that you are unable to access the Sticker Market.

      We are investigating for possible solutions.

  • lili

    are the free on desktop stickers, free on iphone 5s as well?

    • Viber

      Hi Lili,

      The paid Sticker Packages that offered for free on Viber for Desktop are not available for free on iPhone. Because Sticker Market and purchases are not available on Viber for Desktop, we offer some of the packages for free, but only on Viber for Desktop.

  • Uzal Roberts

    Where do I go to upload a new set of stickers to the market on Viber?

    • Viber

      Hi Uzal,

      There is no feature that enables users to upload Sticker Packages to the Sticker Market.

      To download Viber’s Sticker Packages, you can enter the Sticker Market and download from there.