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Yes, you can send photo messages via Viber, whether it’s from iPhone or Android. There are many possibilities regarding this particular feature. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the mobile communications industry is important if you want to experience the maximum your device or application has to offer. We bring you the most interesting and useful information involving Viber photo messages – all in one place!

Saving pictures problem on HTC Wildfire

Why cant I save my pictures I get from friends via viber ? I´ve read that they gets saved auto but not for me, I have a HTC wildfire.

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Viber 2.1 – Photo messaging for iPhone and Android

Place Free Viber Call Button

Last big update was Viber 2.0 which introduced text messaging. This time, almost 7 months after, Viber 2.1 enhanced messaging with photos, location sharing and new sound engine. The difference is also that this time Viber released two applications at once – for iPhone and Android. Photo Messaging Free text … Continue reading

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Viber for BlackBerry First Look Photo

Viber Blackberry - First Look

Viber for BlackBerry has status “in works” for a while. Actually, from the beginning of all this Viber buzz. Well, there was big rush about Viber 2.0 for iPhone and Viber for Android beta program, so it seemed that Viber for Blackberry will never come to focus. Today, Viber Social … Continue reading

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How can I delete my Viber account?

Deactivate Viber Account

Uninstalling Viber – Automatic removal If you uninstall the Viber application from your primary device, or, if your account is inactive for any other reason, your address book data will be removed from Viber servers after 45 days. However, the good news is your phone number (account) will be removed … Continue reading

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