Summertime – time for Viber 2.2

This week, Viber Media, the pioneering mobile VoIP company, released the latest version of its extremely popular mobile communications platform – Viber 2.2.

The new version is currently available for Android and iPhone operating systems and boasts multiple new features, ready to be discovered by Viber users. It’s new, it’s fresh and it’s taken to a whole new level. Things to be especially highlighted include: group messaging, multiple user interface improvements and better call quality. Good news is that the beta version for Blackberry has also been updated with the latest text-messaging options.
Viber 2.2. brings you a completely different messaging experience. Now Viber users can communicate with up to 16 contacts at once, which is a huge step forward in the world of mobile communications. It will most probably prove very useful among both businesspeople and circles of friends. In order to avoid possible confusion, profile images and display names are constantly shown in the message screen. Together with the release of group messaging, Viber has integrated several smart features into its text messaging platform:
à a smart notification system that limits new message alerts so that users wouldn’t be overwhelmed with every single reply that is added
à text messages incorporating photos and locations
à unique background images for each user, meaning you can have your own background image while group chatting and others who are involved in the conversation can’t see it, as well as changing backgrounds for different chats
Another thing that’s more than welcome is an improved call quality due to a HD voice engine, which will certainly be one of the most contributing factors in recruiting new users. Enhancements regarding the Viber interface will also be interesting to people involved in group messaging sessions, as they will be able to share their names and photos with users who are not directly connected with them, that is, users who are not in their own contact list.
As for Android users, Viber 2.2. offers them 9 available languages – Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Some more languages are coming soon.
Get ready for an entirely new communications experience with Viber 2.2. – the hottest thing this summer.

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  • kardo


  • Spike

    I have created a group on my iPhone but by mistake. I want to delete the coup but still keep the contacts separate. Can I do this?

    • Viber

      What exactly do you mean by “keep the contacts separate” ?

  • T.A.Stewart

    Group messaging. Can all users see all messages or only the initiator of the group message?

    • Viber

      All the participants in the group can see all messages in it.