How to update account information on current Viber installation?

My sister upgraded her iphone 4 to iphone 4s and she passed on the iphone 4 to me, my question is, how will i create my own viber account on the iphone 4 since her viber account is still active in that phone? Can she register her existing account in her iphone 4s so that I can register mine in the iphone 4? How?

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Text messages from abroad to the United States

I live in the United States and have Viber on my cell phone. I am traveling to Haiti but want to be able to communicate with my family. If I use Viber to send texts to my family in the US, am I correct that there will be no charge at all? My plan is Verizon and I have unlimited texts and data.

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When does “Delivered” status show up?


Does DELIVERED on show up if the other person open the viber app? Or does it show up if they have Internet access on their phone but have not open the viber app?


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Import and export of text messages

as many others in this thread I’m desperately waiting for your archive/export option!
Do you know when we can expect this feature?

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Data usage when Viber is running in the background

How much data exactly does Viber use if I leave it running in the background?

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Is Viber blocked in UAE?

Hi i am in UAE and i have problems using viber, is it blocked in UAE?

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How can I remove contact from the favorites section?

I mistakenly added a contact mobile number as a “favorite” and now I want to remove it but I can’t seem to find a way to do this… anybody know how to remove a contact from showing up in the “favorites” section??

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Does Viber uses more data for international calls?

hello,is the data usage the same per minute for a local call and an international call? or does international calls use more data?

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Using Viber with two SIM cards

First, great application!

Secondly, I am studying abroad so I am frequently traveling back and forth between countries. Every time I travel and want to switch my number, I have to deactivate (and lose history) to be able to activate it with my other number.

I know that I could ask everyone in my phone book to add my number including the country code that I’m using in one country, and then stick to that number, but this will be difficult with new contacts and for other reasons.

I am therefore asking if it’s possible to have two viber accounts activated at the same time on the same device and to make it simple, add in settings that all numbers in my contacts with this country code will be called with this account and so on.

I am 99% sure that this is not possible, but is there a chance that this will be possible?

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Saving pictures problem on HTC Wildfire

Why cant I save my pictures I get from friends via viber ? I´ve read that they gets saved auto but not for me, I have a HTC wildfire.

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